Arizer Go (Argo): Best Portable Dry Herb Vape for on-the-go

The Arizer Argo vaporizer is a perfect pocketable portable for the Arizer fan who has been waiting for an all in one vaporizer with all the flavor and performance you’d expect from the quality Canadian manufacturer. This is my first Arizer product and I cannot compare it to the Solo or Air but I have tried, own many different vapes and I think this will be a favorite of mine. I prefer mainly on demand/convection vapes, most recently the Ghost MV1 and I can’t say for sure but I believe the ArGo uses the same style heater as the Air and Solo vapes, mostly conduction heat and the chamber looks the same, just smaller. Anyhow without any further interruption. Let’s dive down into my Arizer ArGo Vaporizer Review.

The Arizer Go (Argo) is available directly from Vape-Smart $269.95

Arizer Vaporizers

Arizer Go (Argo): The Design

First of all, the ArGo is TINY! Body is a nice anodized aluminum upper and a smooth/softish plastic lower and it feels high quality, doesn’t rattle and it’s quite light. The diameter of the Glass chamber is 11mm outside and 9mm inside by about 15mm deep, it holds quite a bit, more than I typically use at a time. The heat up was fast, I’ll time it next time but it was around 30-45 seconds to 356°F. I got vapor on the first draw and it quickly became denser but smooth, super flavorful and cool. The draw resistance is really good and free-flowing. The vape got warm but not hot and is very comfortable to hold and use. The ABV was perfectly tanned and even throughout.

Arizer Go ArGo

Arizer Go (Argo): Performance

Initial impressions on the Arizer Go (Argo) vaporizer is pretty awesome. It is small and heats up time is quick.

Several draws on 392°F were good. Good vapor, really good taste. Stepped up to 420°. A few more decent draws not too shabby on taste. ABV little lighter than expected but even. After 10 minutes the unit was not too hot having spent the last few minutes at 420°F.

Back-to-back stems produced a very effective result. I had planned to hit one of my daily drivers out of habit right after but absolutely no need.

If I had one complaint so far it would be with the pop-up stem protector. For this price point, it’s a little underwhelming? Mine does rattle when extended. Seems a little flimsy. Mine also “sticks” a little, maybe it will wear-in.

But still, I enjoy playing with the ArGo vaporizer.


Arizer Go (Argo): How to Use

Load dry herb into the glass stem. You can just dip the stem in a jar, or directly from your grinder. Give it a gentle tap to make sure that it’s packed nice and full. Don’t pack it tight, so air can still travel through your herb.

Arizer includes two stems and two silicon caps for them, so you can fill them out in advance and close it up until its go time. Obviously, you can purchase more of those from Arizer or on Amazon.

When you are ready to use, push the protective pop-top in, and insert the mouthpiece.

Arizer Go (Argo): Interface

Similar to other Arizer products, ArGo includes three buttons- up, down, and menu. To turn the vape on, press and hold the up and menu buttons together and the screen will count down for a few seconds and then beep, greet you with a smiley face, and turn on.

Now you can set the temperature using the up and down buttons, the range is 112°F-428°F (50°C-220°C), and you can set the Arizer for an exact temperature with 1-degree increments. The Arizer will automatically start heating up to the set temperature. Once the temperature is reached, the Arizer will beep twice, letting you know it’s time to vape. Take a slow steady inhale through the glass tube. Enjoy!

Arizer Go Argo Kit

Final Verdict

This vaporizer is perfect for anyone who enjoys dry herb, whether they vape at home or on the go. It’s a seriously low maintenance dry herb vape so if you don’t like cleaning, this is the vape for you.

The Arizer Go or ArGo is good enough to match any of the Best Dry Herb Vaporizers available at theVape.Guide. It has the innovative features and high quality you’ve come to expect from Arizer so if you’re ready to try one of the best dry herb vapes on the market, the Arizer ArGo is waiting for you.

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