Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer Review

Volcano Hybrid Build Quality

Background The Original Volcano Classic was released in 2000 and considered one of the very first desktop dry herb vaporizers on the market. It’s known for its unmatched durability as well as producing a decent quality vapor that’s still the standard of dry herb vapes today. It was followed by Plenty which is a handheld […]

Cloud V Flash Vaporizer Review

CloudVapes, an industry-recognized vape company prominent for its vape pens, has come up with yet another easy-to-use and powerful vaporizer. From its line of wax vaporizers, which includes every reseller’s top-selling product, Cloud Wax Vape Pen, the Cloud V Flash Vaporizer is expected to be one of the favorites this year because of its price […]

G Pen Nova Vaporizer Review

G Pen Nova Vaporizer

Grenco Science did it again. As one of the vaping industry’s leading manufacturers, it never fails to offer revolutionary and yet user friendly vaporizers to its market. With its latest vape, G Pen Nova Vaporizer, Grenco Science dared to hybrid their already amazing line of portable dry herb vaporizers with a promising wax vape pen. […]