Arizer Solo 2 Review

Manufacturer: Arizer Model: Solo II Compatibility: Dry Herb Chamber type: Borosilicate glass aroma stems Heat up time: ~30 seconds(+) Similar products: Arizer Solo Solo 2 review Bottom Line The Arizer Solo II boasts improvements on every front from the original Solo–which proved itself a valuable vaporizer and established Arizer as a major player in vape manufacturing. Due […]

DaVinci IQ 2 Review

Background The DaVinci IQ 2 is finally here! After the recent releases of the Crafty+ and the Volcano Hybrid, it seems like a lot of the industry’s iconic dry herb vaporizers are getting some long-awaited follow-ups. The original IQ stood out from the crowd thanks to its sleek style, smartphone connectivity, and advanced Smart Path […]

Crafty + Review

Background  The Crafty & Mighty have been around since 2014 and have been two of the best dry herb vaporizers available since then. Today (late 2019) the Crafty is getting a refresh- called the Crafty+. As you can figure out by the name, it is an upgrade that keeps the same form and functionality, with a few […]

Crafty+ vs Mighty

Size This is the most obvious difference between the two as the Mighty is clearly the larger of the two vaporizers. This could be a factor if portability is an issue for you. Needless to say, the smaller Crafty+ is the more pocket-friendly of the two, while the larger Mighty could only be comfortably transported […]

Types of Vaporizers

Dry Herb Vaporizers This is the most common type of vaporizer, which means that there is a wide variety of them to choose from. Dry herb vaporizers come in a variety of different price points with the most expensive, premium ones offering extra features like smartphone apps, special heating modes, high-end materials, and more, if […]

Dry Herb Vaping for Beginners

vaping for beginners

First, vapor occurs when the substance (i.e., dry herbs, concentrates or e-liquids) are heated just enough to evaporate into the air while avoiding combustion of the material. This results in a vapor that is free from the harmful substances

Puffco Peak Review

Puffco Peak Smart E-Rig

Puffco Peak Review: A Revolutionary Bong for New-Age Stoners Bongs became outdated with the rise of e-cigarettes and vaporizers. The latter options can get you high faster and more importantly, with a less dosage amount compared to bongs. While vaping is a safer option, bongs still remain as more popular for taking in dry herbs. […]