Important things to keep in mind when buying a Vape Pen

510 Thread

Best Dab Vape Pen 2022 510 Battery Compatible 510 threading is an industry-standard. While not all concentrate pens are 510- compatible, there are quite a number that are. 510- compatible concentrate pens allow you to use the same battery with a cartridge.

Concentrate VS Oil

Best Dab Pen 2022 Wax or OilBoth concentrate and oil are concentrates. They however differ in potency and in the way they’re processed.

  • Concentrates (also known as crumble, shatter, concentrate, concentrate, etc.) is solid at room temperature – and because of its extraction process, have a particularly high concentration of cannabinoids.
  • Oil on the other hand, usually comes in pre-filled 510 cartridges. To produce cannabis oil, it is mixed with other oils to attain its fluidic consistency.

Coil – Quartz Vs Ceramic

Best Dab Pen 2022 Ceramic and Quartz

Several device kits come with interchangeable coils. So, depending on what you want out of you’re vapor – you’ve always got an option.

  • Quartz Coils are typically more intense, thicker vapor yet sacrifices a bit of flavor.
  • Ceramic Coils, on the other hand, produce a more mellow, light, but flavorful vapor.

Replacement coils 

Types of wax vape coilAtomizers are prone to wear and tear, especially with extensive use. Thankfully replacement coils are relatively cheap and relatively available. You can also opt to purchase an atomizer with a different material.

Price Point

Vape Pen prices can vary pretty dramatically from $-$$. Typically, a more expensive pen means higher-end materials, better construction, more smart features, and a bigger device kit.

A cheaper pen leans more towards the basic side of things. With simple features and may be made of plastic. There are some pens that are outliers though, with surprisingly premium features at a good price. 

Bottom Line

Best Dab Vape Pen 2022Concentrate Pens and their overall ease of use, definitely make the best devices for the consumption your choice concentrates. Features and prices vary across the spectrum – meaning there’s definitely a concentrate pen suited to your needs and vaping style.  Check out the latest concentrate/concentrate pens on this list, and let us know if you have any questions or just want to reach out.