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An electronic nail or e-Nail is a replacement for the old-fashioned blowtorch and rig set-up you’d need to enjoy your dabs. e-Nails heat the “nail” evenly, to precise temperatures, producing zero combustion by-product and taking all the guesswork out of the process.

To those new to the consumption of concentrates, it definitely might seem a bit overwhelming. But using an e-Nail makes the entire dabbing process pretty seamless. The temperature precision means you to truly savor those delicious terpenes in the material and maximize the effects of certain cannabinoids. Both of which would’ve been lost if the dab was burnt instead of vaporized. Precise low-temperature dab hits are also way less harsh and uncomfortable than the draws associated with using the butane torches.

Today e-Nails are a pretty common find on the vaporizer market – with an equally diverse selection of form factors, features, coils, and functionality.

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