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DrDabber Vaporizer Brand

Dr Dabber

Dr. Dabber is a company that creates the ideal vaporizer pen—convenient, reliable, potent, and effective. For years their team searched high and low to produce vaporizer pens with the latest vaporization technology and high-quality components. Fueled by desire, Dr. Dabber made it to the top.

Company Overview

In 2013, Dr. Dabber started their journey. They mainly focus on creating vaporizers for wax and extracts. They want a vape pen that’s discreet, stylish, and most importantly, has the power to create thick, potent vapor without sacrificing the flavor.

At first, they created the Ghost and the Light, which are both low-heat vaporizers, and have titanium technology that heats up to the ideal temperature slowly and eliminates the burned, electric taste in it. It makes vaporizing oils and waxes a lot more enjoyable. Then, the Boost: Black Edition makes itself the first battery-powered dab rig that’s portable with the look of a traditional glass dab rig setup.

But nobody ever thought of what Dr. Dabbler did in the SWITCH. SWITCH is a 2-in-1 vape that’s both for flowers and concentrates, has induction heating technology that can heat up to the desired temperature within 4 seconds, a battery packed for longer sessions, and has 25 calibrated heat settings to handle any situation.

Dr Dabber

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