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KandyPens, since 2014, has been serving quality vaporizers with an unprecedented lifetime warranty on all of their products. With the collaborations of some artists like DJ Khaled, Amber Rose, A$AP ROCKY, and Young M.A.— they become a well-known brand and set the trend throughout California.

As for KandyPens’ products, they made high-performing vaporizers like Oura e-Nail and Crystal. Oura e-Nail is a portable dab rig, made from zinc-alloy, with quartz atomizer, and a powerful 3000 mAh battery that can last several sessions. Crystal, on the other hand, is a vape pen made of the finest quality that combines portability and performance.

Not only do KandyPens focus on concentrates but they also have dry herb vaporizers on their arsenal. The K Vape Pro is a lightweight, easy-to-use vaporizer for dry herbs. It has a hybrid heating system that delivers great flavor in a short period of time and a glass mouthpiece that lets you enjoy the great flavor of your herbs as you draw.

KandyPens surely knows how to build a brand and has the expertise to meet customer satisfaction. They even give opportunities to their loyal customers to become brand ambassadors for life, to carry their name, and be a living proof what KandyPens got to offer.


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