CloudVapes, an industry-recognized vape company prominent for its vape pens, has come up with yet another easy-to-use and powerful vaporizer. From its line of wax vaporizers, which includes every reseller’s top-selling product, Cloud Wax Vape Pen, the Cloud V Flash Vaporizer is expected to be one of the favorites this year because of its price point and overall performance.

Cloud V Flash Vaporizer is available at Vape-Smart for $59.99. Use coupon code TVG10 for a 10% discount.

CloudV Flash Vaporizer

Cloud V Flash Vaporizer Background

The Cloud V Flash Vaporizer is both an improvement and innovation. It comes with a ceramic coil that could handle both small and big dabs. It heats up almost instantly and produces good vapor, despite its portability.

CloudV Flash Vaporizer Ceramic Coil

Cloud V Flash Vaporizer has an elegant, functional design. The unique flat edges around its body provides a solid grip and prevents it from rolling when laid on a surface. It is operated by one power button and the temperature and battery levels are flashed on the device.

CloudV Flash Wax Vaporizer

Cloud V Flash Vaporizer Review on Design and Features


The Cloud V Flash Vaporizer is just 4 inches in length. It has the perfect size that allows vapers to carry the device with them all the time.


Vapers will find the Cloud V Flash Vaporizer user-friendly. The rubber gasket connects the unit’s mouthpiece, glass tube, and atomizer together. The design makes the loading and cleaning processes easy.

On a side note, the rubber gasket does not hold the pieces as firmly as a threaded connection. Things may move around a little but they won’t slip off or detach from each other.

Strong Battery

Cloud V Flash Vaporizer’s 420mAh battery has 3 voltage settings as well as preheat options. It is proprietarily connected to the coil. This could be a useful feature to some because you would only use the unit with a brand and quality-compatible coils and tanks.

The battery charges pretty quickly and uses micro USB charger. It means you can charge it anywhere and if you need a charger replacement, you can simply buy one from just about any store.


Cleaning the Flash Vaporizer does not require much effort. Just separate the components and clean them with alcohol wipes.

Cloud V Flash Wax Vape Pen

How to Use the Cloud V Flash Vaporizer

  1. Upon unboxing, charge the vape for at least 1 hour before use.
  2. Remove the glass tube and the mouthpiece to expose the ceramic coil.
  3. Dab your wax onto the coil and put the glass tube and mouthpiece back.
  4. Click the button 5 times in sequence to activate the battery.
  5. Press the button 3 more times to select your desired voltage setting.
  6. Press the button 2 times to activate the preheat option.

Cloud V Flash Vaporizer Final Verdict:

Cloud V Flash Vaporizer is a decent wax vaporizer within its price point. It heats up instantaneously and produces good vapor quality. It does not require complex operation, from loading to cleaning. It would not be surprising seeing vapers, both inexperienced and veterans alike, enjoy using this vape.

Cloud V Flash Vaporizer is available at Vape-Smart for $59.99. Use coupon code TVG10 for a 10% discount.

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