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Dry Herb Vaporizers Guide

What are dry herb vaporizers

Dry herb vapes are devices that can heat dried herbs to just below their combustion point, resulting in the release of compounds from the plant material, which can then be inhaled by the user to enjoy the plant’s benefits. The plant is used in its raw form and is usually ground up and placed in a heating chamber. The process’s goal is to prevent the plants from burning, avoiding smoke, and producing only vapor.

How do they work

A dry herb vape can use a power source such as a battery or electric outlet to supply energy to an oven (aka heating chamber), which gets to an exact temperature set by the user. The temperature is usually between 370°F and 410°F, which is hot enough to vaporize most of the plant’s active ingredients, but not hot enough to burn the plant.

Price range

Herbal vapes range in price, starting at around $60 and can go up to $600. The differences between “entry-level” vapes and “advanced” vapes are the quality of materials used to make them and unique features such as precise temperature control or smartphone app. More expensive vapes will usually produce better vapor quality and keep the flavor pure.

$0-$100 Entry level

Vapes in the price range are “entry-level” vapes, which usually have 3-4 pre-set temperatures and are often made from medical grade plastic. A few examples are- Utillian 420 and the G-Pen Dash. These vapes are simple to use and are suitable for first-time vapers or users looking to experiment with herbal vape but are not looking to invest a substantial amount.

$100-$200 Mid-Tier

Mid-tier vapes usually provide great value and have a higher quality build than entry-level vapes. They are generally made from higher quality materials such as aluminum, and they may have more advanced features such as precise temperature control. A few examples are the Utillian 722, and the Arizer SoloAir, or ArGo.

$200 and up- Advanced

These vapes often the best performance and build quality. Often these vapes use a smartphone app, have haptic feedback, and faster heat-up times. These vapes are typically sturdy and will last years of use. A few examples are the German-engineered Crafty+ / Mighty and the Zeus ARC GT.

Size & portability

Vapes come in various shapes and sizes, and choosing the right one depends on your individual needs. Herbal vapes can be small enough to fit in your palm (example- G Pen Dash) or as big as a kitchen appliance (such as the Volcano hybrid). Portable vapes use a battery as the power source, while desktop vapes need an electric outlet and are designed for home use. As a rule of thumb, larger vapes are more powerful and tend to get less hot during use, but are less portable.

How to use

Using a vape is a simple process that may vary in each device, but usually involves the following steps-
Use a grinder to ground up your herb, place the ground herb in the heating chamber, set the temperature and wait for the vape to heat up (30-60 seconds), and then inhale through the mouthpiece. As mentioned, some vapes feature a smartphone up that will unlock advanced functionality.

Extracts compatibility

Some dry herb vaporizers are also compatible with Wax and Extracts. Instead of placing dry herb in the oven, you may place Extracts and set the vape to correct mode or temperature setting. While vapes are compatible with extracts, keep in mind that it may get the vape dirty and sticky and reduce its longevity. Therefore we recommend buying a “Wax pen” for extracts and using a dry herb vape exclusively for herbs.

Heating Methods

Dry herb vapes can use one of two heating methods- Convection and Conduction. Some vapes are hybrid, which means that they use a combination of the two.
Convection– heat is generated outside the oven, and then pulled into the oven with every inhale, heating the herb with hot air that is then inhaled by the user. This means that the heat source does not touch the dry herb directly; it is pulled into the oven with each draw.
Conduction– heat is generated inside the oven, and the heating element is in direct contact with the herbs. The oven itself is the heating element in this case and then conducts the heat to the dry herbs.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Most herbal vapes require very little maintenance, although it is recommended that you empty the oven immediately after a session. In order to keep the vape in pristine condition, it is also recommended to use ISO alcohol and perform a “deep clean” every few months to keep the vape in top shape.

Tips & tricks

  1. Use a good grinder– the more surface area the herbs have, the better the performance will be. Using a good grinder such as the SLX non-stock grinder will ground your herbs to the perfect consistency and increase efficiency to get the most out of your herbs.
  2. Find the right inhaling technique– as a general rule of thumb, you should take slow, long inhales, not fast and string inhales. You should experiment with your specific vape and find the inhaling technique that works best.
  3. Don’t overpack the oven– most vapes work best with a full, but not a tightly packed oven. Packing a tight oven will block the airflow and reduce efficiency and performance. A perfect oven is full but fluffy.
  4. Gradually increase the temperature– increasing the temp toward the end of a session will help extract every last bit of active ingredients that are still in the herb. You can start low to enjoy the optimal flavor, and then increase for maximal efficiency.

Dry Herb Vaporizers

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