What Are Wax Pens?

Cloud V Flash VaporizerWax pens, aka concentrate pens or vape pens, are vaporizers expressly designed to use wax concentrates. As the name implies, they are pen-shaped devices that are pretty easy to use and are very portable-friendly, even the larger ones. They all consist of the same three parts, a battery to power the device, an atomizer where the wax gets vaporized, and a mouthpiece from which you inhale the vapor. While each wax pen has the same components, those components can be very different from each other and they can have a big effect on which type of vape pen you choose. So you should learn all you can about them before you make your selection.

How Do They Work?

 The wax is placed in the atomizer which uses the battery power to heat, melt, and vaporize the wax. The vapor then passes into the mouthpiece where it is inhaled by the user. A vape pen has variable voltage settings as opposed to temperature settings, which means you select from a set of preset voltage levels. You won’t find precise voltage controls in vape pens since that would add more complexity to a device that is defined by its simplicity.

Why Should You Buy a Wax Pen?

Wax provides a far more intense vaping experience than dry herb does and vape pens are the easiest, cheapest, and most convenient way to use wax concentrates. Since wax pens heat up quickly, they can be used almost anywhere at almost anytime. They are not for everyone, but if you prefer to vape on the wild side, then you should give wax pens a shot.

What Atomizer Types Of Wax Pens Wax Pens?

There are different types of atomizers that can be found in wax pens. Some models will include two of those types of atomizers in their kit, but most will have just one. Here are the different types of atomizers you can expect to find in vape pens and the vaping experience you can expect from them.

Quartz Rod Atomizers - These are quartz rods that are usually wrapped in titanium wire. Vaporizers that use this type of atomizer typically have two or more coils, the more coils, the more intense the vaping experience. This type of coil heats up quickly and provides harsh, intense vapor, so they are usually only recommended for seasoned vapers.

Ceramic Atomizers - These atomizers heat up gradually so they provide a smoother, less intense vaping experience than quartz rod atomizers. Since ceramic is a neutral material that does not affect the flavor of the wax, the vapor this type of atomizer provides is very flavorful. That means ceramic atomizers are great for vaping beginners and veterans alike. 

Quartz Atomizers - These are similar to ceramic atomizers in that they provide a pure, flavorful, and less intense vaping experience. The main difference is that they heat up much faster.

Types of Wax Pens

The typical wax pen is the most common type of vape pen. However, there is a less common variant that is known by many names but is typically called a concentrate straw. These are the differences between the two. With wax pens, the concentrate is placed inside of the pen where it is heated and vaporized as explained above. With concentrate straws, the wax stays outside of the vaporizer. The way these devices work is that they have a heating tip on the end opposite the mouthpiece. 

The heating tip is dipped into the wax which gets melted and vaporized, the vapor enters the air holes in the heating tip, goes through the vaporizer, and into the mouthpiece. Concentrate straws give users more control over the amount of wax they want to use since the atomizers in regular vape pens hold a finite amount of wax. The main downside to concentrate straws is that they are less portable than vape pens so they are better suited to indoor vaping, whereas regular vape pens can be used anywhere. They also have less voltage regulation than vape pens as they usually only offer you the choice between low and high voltages.

Things to Keep In Mind When Buying a Wax Pen


Vape pens come in a variety of price points, but they aren’t too expensive in general. The higher-end wax pens will usually have more extensive kit options than the lower-priced ones. However, a more expensive wax pen isn’t necessarily a better one.

Atomizer Type  

Since the type of atomizer has such a profound effect on the vaping experience, you will want to make sure that the wax pen you buy has an atomizer that suits your preference. Make sure to find out what type of atomizer is included in the wax pen before making your decision.


This is probably a lesser consideration for some, but the type of mouthpiece can affect the vaping experience. Most wax pens have tapered metal or plastic mouthpieces which are perfectly fine. However, some vape pens have glass mouthpieces which provide a cooling effect to the vapor and have a better airflow. Since they are made of glass, they are more fragile than metal and plastic mouthpieces. So you need to think about whether you prefer vaping comfort or vape pen durability.

Battery Performance

Since you don’t want your wax pen dying on you unexpectedly, you should find out the battery capacity of any vape pen in which you are interested. You don’t need to buy the wax pen with the biggest battery, you just need to think about your vaping habits and buy a pen with a battery that is compatible with the amount of time that you spend vaping.

Cloud Production

Some vapers like big clouds and some don’t care. If you fall into the former category, then you should find out the density of the vapor the vape pen produces. The density of the vapor can change depending on the voltage level at which the concentrate is vaped as well as the type of atomizer used. So, if you like huge clouds or prefer a more discreet experience, you should check out reviews to find out how dense the clouds can get in the vape pens in which you are interested. Keep in mind that cloud production can be inversely proportional to the next category.

Vapor Quality

This is, of course, the most important criterion for most people, though, unlike some of the other ones listed above, it is pretty subjective. So, if vapor quality is important to you, then you should make sure to consult different reviews to find out the consensus opinion on a wax pens’s vapor quality.


What are the differences among the atomizers?

Quartz rod atomizers heat up quickly and provide an intense vaping experience. Quartz atomizers also heat up quickly but provide a more flavorful vaping experience that isn’t as harsh. Ceramic atomizers heat up slowly but deliver a smooth vaping experience and flavorful vapor.

Where can I purchase concentrates?

You can buy them from head shops in states where dry herb and all associated products are legal.

Do wax pens smell like dry herb?

They do, but the smell dissipates quickly and does not stick to hair or clothing.

Are wax pens more intense than dry herb vaporizers?

Yes, because wax pens use concentrates which are far more intense than the equivalent amount of dry herb.

Can dry herb be used in wax pens?

No. Even though some dry herb vaporizers have wax functionality, all vape pens are strictly wax only.

Do wax pens produce bigger clouds than dry herb vaporizers?

Yes. The reason is that concentrate is technically a liquid that has been solidified, so when it is vaporized, it melts and produces far more vapor than a solid like dry herb ever could.

What is the difference between wax and oil?

Both are concentrates but oil is always a liquid while wax is either a solid or semi-solid. Oil is also milder than wax so it is a better choice for anyone who is getting into concentrate vaping.

Are vape pens hard to clean?

They require more cleaning effort than dry herb vaporizers because bits of residue can be left in the atomizer once a session is completed. Normally a cleaning brush and isopropyl alcohol are all that’s needed to clean the atomizer. However, in some cases, a burn-off is necessary to clean up some of the harder, stickier residue.


Atomizer - Sometimes called a coil, this is where the wax is placed in the vape pen. It can be made from various different materials, each of which provides a different vaping experience.

Dab - This is the amount of wax that is placed in the atomizer.

Dab Tool - This is what is used to place the wax into the atomizer. Most vape pens include a dab tool in their kit.

Variable Voltage - This is when a wax pen has a selection of different voltages from which to choose.

Residue - These are the bits of unvaporized wax that remain in the atomizer after a session.

Burn-off - This is a method used to get rid of the more stubborn residue. The vape pen is cranked up to its highest voltage setting for a minute or two in order to melt away the residue.