Crafty+ Dry Herb Vaporizer

The previous Crafty was released in 2014 by Storz and Bickel (visit homepage) and set the standard for portable vapes. Earlier in 2019, S&B released an upgraded version called Crafty+. Crafty+ is a high-tier dry herb vape that keeps the same form and functionality, with a few upgraded features such as faster heat-up time, longer battery, and shorter charging time.

The Crafty+ uses a hybrid heating method for optimal herb extraction and features three preset temperatures (rather than two) that allow users to gain more control in their vaping preference. This is the second vaporizer S&B had launched in 2019, the other one is the Volcano Hybrid desktop vape. The Crafty+ isn’t as big an upgrade as the Hybrid but it’s significant nonetheless. Hopefully, S&B continues this trend and brings us a Mighty+ (or maybe even a Plenty+) sometime soon this 2020.

What’s In The Box

The original Crafty used to include a plastic herb grinder, a cleaning brush, and filling aid which is useful especially if you’re just starting to vape herbs. Unfortunately, the new Crafty+ only includes:

  • User Manual
  • Micro-USB Cable
  • Replacement Screens & Seals
  • Dosing Capsule – You can use this to pre-fill your herbs and just op them in and out of the oven while you’re out traveling or taking a hike.
  • Two Drip Pads – You can insert this to the oven to vape solid concentrate concentrates. However, I don’t recommend using this since the temperature won’t be high enough to completely vaporize the concentrate and can be messy to clean. So if you want to vape extracts, use a concentrate pen.

Optional Accessories:

  • Filling Aid: You can use this to clip it to the top of the Crafty+ and functions as a funnel into the oven. As I’ve mentioned above, this was included in the original Crafty kit. It’s a little disappointing since this is a great accessory that will make packing the oven a super convenient and straightforward process.
  • Capsule Caddy: This accessory can hold a maximum of four dosing capsules and can be attached to your keychain.

Design & Features

Crafty+ Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer

The Crafty+ is made from medical-grade plastic called PEEK which is an advanced biomaterial that’s often used in medical implants. It’s tough and durable and has a high heat tolerance compared to stainless steel. It has a finned design that stretches along the body that disperses the heat properly and keeps the unit cool all the time.

It measures at 4.3 ” tall, 2.2″ wide, and 1.3″ deep which is relatively the same as the previous model. The Crafty+ has been redesigned to feel much more comfortable to hold. If you look closely, the center section of the body is more rounded rather than squared off so it feels more secure when you’re holding it and vaping outdoors. Also, it feels pretty light for its size so it doesn’t feel too heavy in a pocket/purse.

The Crafty+ is very easy to use and has a straightforward interface without any unnecessary buttons or functions. At the bottom, you’ll see the LED light indicator together with the single button that’s used to turn on/off the device and switch through 3 different temperature settings.

Swiveling Mouthpiece

Crafty+ Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece sits on top of the oven, and you can see the Storz & Bickel logo on top that looks good. It has an unusual mechanism that allows the mouthpiece to swivel and fold away when not in use. I liked using this mouthpiece since it feels more natural compared to most standard mouthpieces since I don’t need to hold the Crafty+ beneath me to inhale.

There’s an air cooling unit in the mouthpiece that keeps the vapor cool especially if you vape in the maximum temp setting. The air cooling unit can be disassembled for cleaning or completely replaced for around $20. Also, if you need to load herbs for another session, you can easily remove the mouthpiece by twisting it 90 degrees.

Stainless Steel Chamber

Crafty+ Heating Oven

The oven is capable of holding 0.25g of dried herbs that could last at about 5-7 good hits. Inside, there are inlet holes that provide good airflow making sure the herbs are vaped properly. It uses a combination of conduction and convection heating which means that the heat is both generated outside and inside of the oven that efficiently extracts the herbs without the risk of combusting. With that being said, you can expect a richer, denser, and more potent vapor compared to typical vapes that use a single heating method.

Better Battery Life

Crafty+ Dry Herb Vape

One of the major flaws of the original Crafty was its short battery life. It lasted around 3-4 bowls and took two and a half hours to charge. On the other hand, The upgraded Crafty+ offers a significantly better runtime of 6-7 bowls, with an hour and a half charge time.

It’s too bad that Crafty+ still uses a micro-USB cable rather than using a USB-C charger. It could have been a nice upgrade since it will charge much faster. It doesn’t support pass-through charging but when the battery reaches a certain amount of charge, you can use the Crafty+ to vape a bowl or two. The charging process is indicated by blinking blue light and will slow down as the battery charges up, and when full the blue light stays solid.

Crafty+ Boost & Super-Boost Modes

Crafty+ High Temperature

If you press the power button twice (boost mode) or three times (super-boost) during a session, it activates one of the modes. Boost mode will increase the temperature by 27°F while the super-boost mode will increase to the maximum temperature of 410°F. So while there is no way to control the exact temperature from the device (except with using the smartphone app), you can gradually increase the temperature to make the most of your herbs.

Smartphone App

Crafty+ Dry Herb Vaporizer

The Crafty+ has a smartphone app that has a similar interface to the Volcano Hybrid. Downloading the app is entirely optional but it comes handy when you want to tweak the settings to your likings: 

  • Temperature: You can change the default base temperature (356°F) of the Crafty+ from a range of 104°F to 410°F. Also, you can adjust the Default Booster (+27°F) temperature. Take note that you don’t necessarily need to tweak the temperature and this is entirely up to you.  
  • Shut-Off Timer: You can adjust the automatic shut off feature from 1-5 minutes. The default is 2 minutes.
  • Vibration Notification: You can turn on or off the vibration notification of the Crafty+.
  • Brightness: You can adjust the LED light brightness if it’s too bright for you. The default is at maximum.
  • Charge Indicator: You can turn off the charge indicator which I don’t recommend since you won’t be able to tell if the Crafty+ is already done charging without using the app.

In the app, you can also see some information about your Crafty+ such as the battery life, the serial number, and the firmware version. There’s also a “Find My Crafty” function that makes the Crafty+ vibrate and flash its lights until you find it and press the power button. This is super useful if you misplaced your Crafty+ which happens to some vapers from time to time.

Note: iPhone users won’t be able to use the app unless it was downloaded before November 15th, 2019. The Crafty+ works fine on its own but if you do need to tweak the settings of your Crafty+ there’s a web app that you can access here.

How To Use

Crafty+ and SLX Grinder

The Crafty+ is simple and easy to use. Before starting your session, make sure the Crafty+ is fully charged and your herbs are finely ground. It’s important to have a good grinder such as SLX Grinder V2.5 since it breaks down the herb and increases its surface area so that the heated air can pass through to your herbs easier.

To use the Crafty+ you need to:

  1. Twist off the mouthpiece to expose the heating oven.
  2. Load the herbs into the heating oven.
  3. (Optional) For easy loading, you can attach the filling aid and use it to sweep the herb through the open hole of the filling aid into the herb chamber.
  4. Reattach the mouthpiece.
  5. Turn on the device and select your temperature.
  6. Once the Crafty+ vibrates, swivel out the mouthpiece and inhale.

Temperature Settings: As I’ve mentioned before, you can change the 2 temp settings (base temperature & booster mode) by using the smartphone app. The default is as follows: 356°F, 383°F, and 410°F. To heat it to the base temperature (356°F) press the power button once. A double-click activates the booster mode (383°F) and a Triple-click goes up to the maximum temperature (410°F) which is good for finishing your session.

Cleaning and Maintenance

mighty and crafty maintenance and cleaning

The Crafty+ is one of the easiest vapes to clean and maintain. There are only two components that you need to clean:

  • The Mouthpiece – You can disassemble it to see the build-ups in the cooling unit. You can clean it with a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol and use a cleaning brush to clean the screen. For a more stubborn residue, you can soak it in with isopropyl alcohol but make sure you don’t leave it for too long.
  • The Heating Oven – The oven needs to be cleaned every 20-40 uses or so with some alcohol wipes. If you use dosing capsules to vape your herbs, it will significantly reduce the amount of residue that accumulates in the oven.

Crafty+ VS Mighty


Some vapers lament to the fact that the Crafty+ has similarities to the Mighty. There’s already a Crafty+ vs Mighty Comparison, but here is a quick summary:


  • Both vapes have the same oven capacity of 0.25 grams.
  • Both vapes have an air cooling unit in the mouthpiece.
  • Both vapes use the same accessories such as filling aid, dosing capsule, and capsule caddy.
  • Both vapes have a booster mode that gradually increases the temperature.
  • Both vapes are easy to clean and maintain.
  • Both vapes are made of PEEK.


  • If the price is your concern, the Crafty+ is $80 cheaper than the Mighty.
  • If you prioritize portability in choosing between the two, then the Crafty+ is easier to carry around.
  • The Mighty has a slight advantage in terms of battery life.
  • The Mighty has an on-board temperature display and control while you need to use the smartphone app to adjust the temperature of the Crafty+

One last thing, the vapor quality of both vapes are quite similar and shouldn’t be a determining factor. So if you’re choosing between the two, it’s entirely up to what you’re looking for a dry herb vape.

Performance & Vapor Quality

Oven and Insides of Crafty+

In my opinion, the strongest point of the Crafty+ is the simplicity of design while producing thick and strong vapor. It’s easy to operate- just load the herbs, press the button, wait until it vibrates, and inhale. It took a minute or less to heat up which might be slow to some comparable vapes but it delivered strong and flavorful vapor for the first 3 hits.

The mouthpiece makes it easy to inhale the vapor since it has a draw resistance and I don’t need to rip hard to feel the vapor fill my lungs. The After Vaped Bud (AVB) is brown and crispy which means the herbs are efficiently vaped. Lastly, the cooling unit worked just fine since the vapor is cool even if I vape at the maximum temperature. Overall, the Crafty+ is one of the best dry herb vapes when it comes to vapor quality.

Bottom Line

Crafty+ and Mighty vape

The Crafty+ is generally an upgrade rather than a revolutionary approach over the previous Crafty: It has more temperature control rather than the original and both can be adjusted via a smartphone app. It has a faster heat-up speed compared to the previous model yet much slower to some vapes in the same price range. And finally, it has a better battery life that could have been perfect if it had a USB-C port rather than a micro-USB for faster charging time.

Though there are some minor flaws in Crafty+, in my opinion, it’s still one of the finest choices for anyone who’s looking for a long-lasting and easy-to-use portable vape that produces stellar vapor quality. If you prioritize an on-board temperature display and slightly longer battery life, the Mighty might be the one for you. However, if you prioritize a fast heat-up time and impressive battery life that sacrifices a bit of oven capacity and vapor quality, I recommend the Arizer Solo 2.