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January 14, 2020


Crafty+ Mouthpiece

This is the most obvious difference between the two as the Mighty is clearly the larger of the two vaporizers. This could be a factor if portability is an issue for you. Needless to say, the smaller Crafty+ is the more pocket-friendly of the two, while the larger Mighty could only be comfortably transported in a purse or a backpack. Additionally, the Mighty uses a wall adapter to recharge its battery while the Crafty+ uses a standard USB port like most portable vaporizers. That solidifies the bigger Mighty as a dry herb vaporizer more suited for home use than use on the go.

Vapor Quality

In this respect, both devices are completely equal. They both use a hybrid convection/conduction heating method that produces rich, flavorful vapor that is among the best that you can get from a portable. Accessing that vapor is equally simple in both devices because the long slender mouthpiece feels good and has a low draw resistance. In this category, the user is the real winner, if you want read about all the devices characteristics visit this blog VPNbag.


The Mighty keeps things pretty basic as it has onboard controls that regulate the precise temperature in a range of 104°F to 410°F. It also has a simple digital display to monitor the temperature and battery levels. There is also a boost mode that gradually increases the temperature by 10°F as you vape. The Crafty+ has the same temperature range as the Mighty but the smartphone app is needed to control it. Without the app, you have access to two preset temperatures on the device, 356°F and 383°F. 

The Crafty+ also has the same boost mode as the Mighty, but it also has a super-boost mode that gradually increases the temperature to the maximum of 410°F. The smartphone app has a few other features besides temperature control as you can use to turn the Crafty+ on and off, lock it down, or make it vibrate and flash its lights if you have trouble finding it. The Crafty+ has a few more features than the Mighty, but the fact that the Mighty doesn’t really need those features gives it an edge in this category.

Battery and Charging

The Mighty has a battery life of an impressive two and a half hours, a total that absolutely dwarfs most other dry herb vaporizers. It also takes about ninety minutes to recharge, which is about average for most dry herb vaporizers. However, considering that it lasts for an hour longer than it takes to recharge, it’s unlikely that anyone will be complaining. The smaller Crafty+ understandably has a more conventional duration of ninety minutes and its recharge time is the same as well. Neither number is bad, just average, which gives the above-average Mighty the win here.


This is pretty much a tie as both vaporizers are among the easiest to maintain devices in their category. They require very little cleaning and only need to be cleaned intermittently, after every twenty to forty sessions or so. When they do need to be cleaned, a cleaning brush or cleaning wipes are all that is needed to clean their herb chambers and doing so only takes a few short minutes. However, if even that is too long for you, then you can use the optional dosing capsules to eliminate cleaning entirely. 

Dosing capsules are small enclosed containers in which you place the dry herb, you then place the capsule into the herb chamber and operate the vaporizer as usual. Another way to make the Crafty+ and Mighty completely maintenance-free is by replacing the cooling unit every few months. The cooling unit is the top part of each device that you remove to access the herb chamber. They are very inexpensive to replace, which makes the Crafty+ and the Mighty some of the most convenient vaporizers around.

Concentrate Compatibility

Both are compatible with concentrates via a concentrate pad but, as usual, it is inadvisable that you use dry herb vaporizers with concentrate. Concentrates vaporize at a much higher temperature than dry herb and dry herb vaporizers simply do not reach the high temperatures necessary to vaporize concentrates. It is better if you use an actual vape pen with concentrates because using a dry herb vaporizer for that purpose provides a subpar, disappointing experience.

Ease of Use

Both are extremely simple vaporizers to use, but the Mighty has the edge because all of the controls are right there on the device. The smartphone app of the Crafty+ is very easy to use, but the fact that you need it for precise temperature control means that it is a little more complicated to use than the rather intuitive Mighty.

Build Quality

Both the Crafty+ and the Mighty use high-quality, durable medical-grade plastic called PEEK in their construction. Both devices also incorporate cooling fins in their design to prevent them from overheating. As you would expect from two devices that share the same build materials and basic design, they are tied in this category.

Which One is The Winner?

The Mighty has a lot going for it, from its long battery life to the fact that it has all of the necessary controls right there on the device. However, it’s large size and the fact that it uses a wall adapter for recharging limits its portability quite a bit. So, if portability is a factor in your choice, then you should choose the Crafty+, though you will need to download the smartphone app to get the most use out of it. If price is also a factor, then the cheaper Crafty+ should also be your choice. However, if portability and price are not concerns, then the easy to use, long-lasting Mighty is the superior 

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