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May 2, 2022

A concentrate Straw goes by many names – sometimes called a vertical vaporizer, nectar straws, honey straws. But in sum, a concentrate Straw is a pen-like device used for vaporizing concentrates, and other solid concentrates/extracts and works almost exactly like sipping through a straw. On one end sits a hot coil that vaporizes the concentrate, and the resulting vapor runs through the entire length of the device and out through a mouthpiece.

Why use a Concentrate Straw?

Portability & Discretion

Browse through selections of concentrate Straw and you’ll find that they’ll most often be described as “pen-like” and that’s meant quite literally. While they do come in varied designs, are often sleek, slim, and are no taller than a Sharpie. Making it a great and easy device to take around (alongside a small container of concentrate, of course).


Concentrate Straws are definitely great for when you’re looking to get the most out of your material (especially since concentrates/was costs $$). When using a regular concentrate pen, you run the risk of having leftover concentrate in the atomizer/coil – which makes it sticky, harder to clean, and isn’t great for the life of your device.

With a Concentrate Straw, you have to dip the coils directly onto the concentrate pen and then draw as you go. The concentrate that hits the hot tip is completely vaporized, and any that’s left stays within the container – ready for the next session. So you’re effectively controlling how much you draw, consume, and lessening your wastage.

Compatibility with Water Pipes

Several honey straws have a mouthpiece that’s compatible with water pipe down stems (of the same size).

This way, you’re able to heat up and maximize your material to precise temperatures – way better than the imprecise torch that burns away everything. Even better, being able to run vapor through water cools it down and rids it of any possible impurities.

Parts of a Concentrate Straw

Concentrate Straw are comprised of the same set of key parts but can be made with different materials. It’s definitely this basic construction that makes them fool-proof, easy to use, and even easier to clean devices.


Mouthpieces may be made out of glass, stainless steel, or even more premium materials like zirconia. So far, glass seems to be the most common one and is found on most budget vaporizers such as the Yocan Dive Mini.

Glass is an inexpensive, neutral material that keeps vapor pure and allows you to taste all the terps and flavors in your concentrate. Mouthpieces also vary greatly in width and (as mentioned earlier) can sometimes fit same-sized water pipe down stems.


Due to their small size, it would be far-fetched for you to expect that it has a large battery capacity. Most concentrate straw battery lives range from 300mAh to 800mAh, which should last the average user more than a day’s worth of sessions.

Coils/ Tips

The coil heats to precise temperatures and is then dipped into the solid concentrate. These coils can be made out of different materials which then have an effect on the type of vapor that you get. Depending on the device, some coils are also interchangeable and replaceable.

  • Quartz: Quick to heat, and just as quick to cool down. Quartz Coils consume the most power out of any coil material and result in vapor that’s quite flavorful, yet dense and heavy-hitting.
  • Titanium: Titanium tips are best for slower, more easy sessions since it heats up a bit slower than quartz – but stay hot for longer. The vapor produced by titanium coils is medium in density and is more flavorful.
  • Ceramic: Ceramic has always been the go-to material for the best flavor. It definitely heats the slowest out of all the current materials – and loses heat slowly too. So there’s no need to keep pressing the button to heat the tip – saving battery life. It’s best for low-temperature abing and results in light, very flavorful vapor that all users love.

Concentrate Straws vs Concentrate Pens

It can be easy to confuse a concentrate Straw with a concentrate pen, (which is also a vertical, discreet device) – with a concentrate pen, you load the concentrate inside the device, while a concentrate Straw’s tip is dipped directly into the concentrate.

The mouthpiece and the heating element are on the same side on a Concentrate Pen, so there’s a pretty short path and not too much length for the vapor to travel. A Concentrate Straw, on the other hand, has its heating element located opposite the mouthpiece. Meaning as the hot coil is dipped into the material, the vapor then cools as it travels through the vapor path that runs the whole length of the device.

Bottom Line

All this: the ease of use, efficiency, and being able to better monitor usage, make Concentrate Straws one of the most effective ways to consume concentrates and other concentrates, without too much of a fuss. You simply can’t beat uncomplicated- and if you’d like to check out the best Concentrate Straws available – the Boundless Terp Pen XL and the Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus are great devices to start with. 

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