• Manufacturer: DaVinci
  • Model: IQ
  • Compatibility: Dry Herb
  • Chamber type: Ceramic oven
  • Heat up time: 16 seconds
  • Similar products: PAX 3
Bottom Line

The new DaVinci IQ, the newest dry herb vaporizer manufactured by DaVinci, is a complete game-changer. This device is a smart vaporizer with a unique LED interface and very innovative features.

This may be the smartest high-end dry herb vaporizer on the market.

DaVinci IQ Vaporizer Review

Due to its elegant design and innovative Smart Path Technology, the DaVinci IQ is highly customizable. The device’s brand new design comes complete with a replaceable 18650 battery and a zirconia ceramic chamber and features, which creates incredibly purely flavored vapor.

The Bluetooth app integration that allows the user to have full control over their vaping session, track its usage, and see other information using their smartphone makes this device the best portable dry herb vaporizer by DaVinci.


  •      Compatibility with Dry Herb
  •      Smart Path Technology
  •      Bluetooth App Integration – controls features and settings using smartphone app
  •      Boost & Standby Mode
  •      51 Light Grid Dot Display
  •      100% Ceramic Zirconia Air Path
  •      Ceramic Heating Chamber
  •      Temp Range: 250-430°F
  •      Replaceable 18650 Battery
  •      10-year warranty
  •      Water Filtration Accessories


The DaVinci IQ’s mouthpiece is made from a 100% ceramic zirconia air path, which greatly enhances flavor purity levels. The ceramic zirconia air path, oven, and flavor chamber contribute to the luxurious experience in terms of appearance and functionality.

The DaVinci IQ dry herb vaporizer is also impressively compact. The finish is pleasing, with the zirconia elements creating a futuristic and ultra-smooth sensation. The DaVinci IQ is truly a smart, sleek, portable vaporizer that is easily among the best vapes right now. Its replaceable battery allows you to enjoy up to 3 hours of usage time.

The DaVinci IQ can also be used with a Bluetooth smartphone app, to allow the users to have full control over their sessions. The app allows choosing between the four different Smart Paths, and modifying the temperatures or picking a precise temperature for the whole session. The progress of the session is easily tracked via a graph in the smartphone app. Several modes, such as the Precision Mode or the Boost mode are also provided.

Included in the DaVinci IQ box are:

  •      1 x Davinci IQ Vaporizer unit
  •      1 x Extended Mouthpiece
  •      1 x Herb Funnel
  •      1 x USB Charging Cable
  •      1 x Alcohol Wipes
  •      1 x Chimney Brush

The elegance, power, and quality conveyed by the high-end materials and superior craftsmanship offered by the DaVinci IQ make this vaporizer an ideal choice for the vape novice or aficionado.

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