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March 11, 2022

Get your herb as dry as possible

That’s right, dry your dry herb. The drier the material the better control you have each time. Too much moisture in the material will affect the heating process since water and cannabinoids vaporize at different temps.

Always ask your local dispensary for the most dehydrated material they have, and if you think its still a bit lacking, you can dry them further in a jar. To dry up your herb, place it in a glass jar with a dry paper towel and leave it overnight. Any leftover moisture should be pulled into the paper – leaving you with perfectly dry nugs.

Get Grinding

Crafty+ and SLX Grinder

Getting a great grinder like the SLX is your next best investment in vaping. Grinding breaks down the herb and increases its surface area, which in turn allows for better airflow in the oven – allowing the heating process to happen more efficiently. This even distribution of heat also improves flavor quality and vapor production, which makes the overall vaping experience much better.

Pack perfectly

While all vaporizers have a max herb capacity, this doesn’t mean you’ll have to grab a scale and weigh what you place in the oven each time. It’s more like a suggestion for the best results. The general idea is to pack a full, even, yet fluffy oven.

A slightly loose pack, with just enough wiggle room, is best. Pack and press down and you’ll restrict airflow, and have to draw harder for less vapor. A perfectly packed oven will result in even heating, better flavor, and reduced draw resistance.

Getting this right will take a bit of trial and error, especially since different vaporizers yield somewhat different results – so experiment and find what works best for your vape.

Find your perfect temperature

Different compounds and terpenes in dry herb are released at different temperatures and all devices are designed to keep a consistent temperature throughout a session.

Temperature control between devices varies, some will have 3 or 4 pre-sets, while others will have precise control over a specific range. It’s best to note that dry herb is best vaporized at 370F-390F and that it’ll serve you well to start low and work your way up.

Zeus Arc GTS LED Lights

A low temp in vaping is somewhere in the 350°F and 370°F range and at this temperature, you’ll get more flavor and lighter vapor. As you ramp up the heat, the vapor will get thicker but slightly less flavorful. The “sweet spot” is totally up to you.

Take Slow Draws

You don’t take your drinks all in one go, right? It’s the same concept in vaping. Take long, slow, manageable draws until you figure out which draw style is best for your vape.

Regardless of whichever device you’re using, we recommend a controlled inhale lasting about 5-10 seconds. If it feels somewhat like you’re taking in a thick milkshake, you may have packed the oven too tight. Take out some material and loosen up the rest.

Practice makes perfect, but remember to “sip” rather than “rip”.

Rest in between draws

While you might have the power to keep going over and over again, your vape could definitely benefit from quick breaks.

During a session, you can opt to wait 10 to 30 seconds between draws.  You can also leave your vaporizer to sit for about 20-30 secs after it’s heated to your desired temperature- before taking a draw.

Both ways will allow more heat to build up in the oven and significantly increase vapor production.

Clean your vape regularly

Just like anything, your vape will definitely benefit from a little TLC. We highly recommend giving it a quick swipe with a brush after each session to keep the heating element free of unused herb and debris.

For a bit more of a thorough clean, take a cotton swab dipped in ISO alcohol and swipe in around the oven and the mouthpiece. It’s also best to do this while the oven is still kinda warm since once the residue hardens, it’ll be tougher to clean.

After about 10-15 sessions, it’ll definitely be time for a deep clean. Most devices will come with cleaning instructions – so check those out before taking the device apart.

Great Sessions come from Good Vaporizers

Best Dry Herb Prices 2022

Different devices yield different results especially since they’ll most likely have different heating methods, controls, and other components. The best sessions will come from good vaporizers balanced out with your knowledge on how to use them.

While some devices on the lower end of the price spectrum will surprise you with great vapor, that’s more of an exemption and not the norm. Check out our list of the best dry herb vaporizers of this year to find the one that’s best for you. 

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