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March 11, 2022

Choose your Concentrate

The type of concentrate you decide to vaporize dictates the sort of device you need, and how involved you have to be with the process. Concentrates are divided into two categories:

  • Oil: Oil is mostly available in pre-filled carts which are easily connected to a battery with the same standard 510 threading and then used right away. Its the most common form of concentrate available and is made via a process that requires the use of a solvent, thus giving it its viscosity.
  • Concentrate: concentrate is the default name for either brittle, solid substance or a soft, pliable form of concentrated terpenes and other plant material. To vaporize concentrate, you can opt to either use the more beginner-friendly concentrate pen, or an E-Nail or E-rig, which are slightly more complex, yet deliver exceptional results.

Different Coils; Different Results

Types of wax vape coil

E-Nails, E-Rigs, and concentrate Pens have atomizers/ coils which heat your extracts to temperature. The most common types of coils are made of titanium, quartz, or ceramic. While there definitely are other types, and some coils are even made with a combination of materials- the important thing to remember is that the results (flavor and vapor density) you’ll get vary depending on which coil you choose.

  • Ceramic Coil: More accurately described as a “bowl” – ceramic is a slow heating, neutral material that produces a light, yet flavorful vapor.
  • Quartz Coil: Again, another one that’s better called a “bowl”. Quartz is also a neutral material that produces light, tasty vapor – yet is a step above ceramic since it heats up quicker.
  • Titanium Coil: Here’s to the heavy hitters, titanium heats quickly and stays hot for much longer. However, since titanium gets so hot, so fast – the vapor isn’t the most flavorful, but it is very dense and weighty.

Be Conservative with your Extracts

Puffco Plus Mouthpiece with instang dab tool

While Oils are a lot less potent than concentrate since they’re slightly diluted by the solvents required to make them. concentrate can be the exact opposite.

It’s highly recommended that you start with concentrates smaller than the size of a grain of rice and then, figure it out as you get more familiar and used to vaping concentrates. Definitely also get a concentrate tool, or a device with one built right in – just like on the Puffco Plus.

Mind the Temperature

Flytlab Stik Heat up coil

There’s a lot that goes into getting great concentrate sessions – and temperature is definitely a cornerstone of the experience. A general rule is to start low and work your way up – and this works for vaping both oil and concentrate.

  • Low-Temperature Concentrate are more suited for users looking for a more flavorful hit, and a lighter, smoother vapor. Keep in mind that a “low-temp” tab is somewhere in the 315°F to 450°F range.
  • High-Temperature Concentrate on the other hand trades some flavor for vapor volume. The vapor produced is dense, thick, and though already cooled by water – might still be a bit much if you’re not used to it.

Go Slow and Take Breaks

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to chain-vape, especially when you’re vaporizing concentrates. It’ll be best to wait 3-5 minutes before your next concentrate hit, or 15-30 seconds before drawing from a cart.

To save you from coughing out your lungs, take controlled draws lasting about 5-10 seconds – or “sip” rather than “rip”.

Keep your device clean

G-Pen Roam Non contact Heating coil Design

This tip is more for concentrate pens, E-nails, and E-rigs, especially since 510 batteries are virtually maintenance-free. All you’ll have to do with your empty cart is to swap it out for a new one. 

It goes without saying, that 510 batteries are virtually maintenance-free, while concentrate pens, E-nails, and E-rigs are not. We highly recommend doing a quick clean of the atomizer of your after every bowlful especially since concentrates are sticky and have a tendency to harden be tougher to clean in the future.

The heating element/coils can simply be wiped down with a q-tip dipped into ISO alcohol, and some device mouthpieces can be removed and soaked in ISO. (Just be sure to check the manual for further cleaning instructions)

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