Grenco Science did it again. As one of the vaping industry’s leading manufacturers, it never fails to offer revolutionary and yet user friendly vaporizers to its market. With its latest vape, G Pen Nova Vaporizer, Grenco Science dared to hybrid their already amazing line of portable dry herb vaporizers with a promising wax vape pen. G Pen Nova Vaporizer is available at Grenco Science for $34.95. Use coupon code TVG10 for a 10% discount.

G Pen Nova Wax and Dry Herb Vape

G Pen Nova Vaporizer Background:

G Pen Nova Vaporizer is nothing like your ordinary wax vape pen. Not only does it carry the name of Grenco Science, but it also carries the expertise of its brand in manufacturing pioneering portable dry herb vapes. From its mouthpiece to its battery, it prides itself to an up to par performance. G Pen Nova is a dual vape that works with both wax/concentrates and dry herbs. Although it is the first wax vape pen from Grenco Science, it was made to outdo the available pens in the market. The 300mAh battery allows the vapers to toggle between its three variable voltages (3.2V, 3.5V, and 3.9V). It is also 510 threaded so you can effortlessly attach any of your favorite 510 threaded oils-filled cartridges straight from the dispensaries, you can even choose to buy cbd honey are made with 100% natural locally-sourced honey. A multifunctional beauty. To ensure even heating and rich flavorful hits, G Pen Nova Vaporizer uses a quartz bowl with ceramic dish heating element. It’s hard for one to not get addicted (no pun intended) to this vape. But even if one does, there is this Worksheet to avoid relapse that can extricate you if you were to get addicted.

G Pen Nova Vaporizer Review on Design:

Unlike most vape pens, G Pen Nova Vaporizer lives up to its promise. With its integrated ceramic loading tool, you do not need a separate dab tool to load your concentrates or a stirrer to disperse your herbs. Its pass through charging feature also allows you to vape while the unit is charging, allowing you to have continuous, uninterrupted vaping sessions. 

Gpen Nova Vaporizer

What are included:

  • G Pen Nova Battery (510 Threaded)
  • G Pen Nova Tank
  • USB Charging Cable
G Pen Nova Vaporizer Battery

How to Use:


  • Fully charge the G Pen Nova battery using the micro USB port at the bottom.
  • Red indicates battery is charging while green indicates battery is full.

Loading Concentrates:

  • Remove mouthpiece from tank and load concentrates onto the integrated tool.
  • Reattach mouthpiece to the tank.

Loading Dry Herbs:

  • Load the ground materials into the chamber no higher than the tapered opening.
  • Use the integrated tool to stir the herbs.
  • Reattach the mouthpiece to the tank.
G Pen Nova Vaporizer Power Button

Power On:

  • Press the button 5 times.
  • Light will blink 3 times.
  • Color indicates current voltage settings.

Changing Voltage:

  • Press button 3 times. Color will indicate voltage setting.
    • Blue – 3.2V
    • Green – 3.5V
    • Red – 3.9V

Using the G Pen Nova Vaporizer

  • Hold button down to activate heating element at selected voltage up to 15 seconds.
  • For Extended Draw Mode, press button 2 times to activate 15 second automatic heating at selected voltage. Stop heating anytime by pressing button once.
  • To power off, press button 5 times. Light cycles through colors before shutting off.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

  • Remove tool from the mouthpiece.
  • Soak both components in alcohol to clear airflow channel.
  • Dry both before pushing the tool back into the mouthpiece.

Tips and Recommendations:

  1. For dry herbs, make sure that your material is finely ground and loaded tightly. We highly recommend the non stick SLX Grinder V2- 4 pc (available at Vape-Smart for $59.95). The amount of your herbs equates to the volume of the vapor.
  2. Like most vapes, regularly clean your G Pen Nova mouthpiece, as built-up residue can hinder the unit’s performance. Make sure that the unit has cooled down before you clean it.
  3. You may use isopropyl alcohol to clean the tool and the mouthpiece.

G Pen Nova Vaporizer Review Final Verdict

We highly recommend G Pen Nova Vaporizer to concentrates lovers or dry herbs beginners. The voltage settings were more tuned to achieve utmost wax performance and it lacks the harshness when used with ground materials. So if you are an experienced vaper, you might find it inefficient. Overall, it redefines our perception of a vaporizer’s versatility and performance. You can check out our other portable dry herb vaporizers and wax vape pens. G Pen Nova Vaporizer is available at Grenco Science for $34.95. Use coupon code TVG10 for a 10% discount.