Haze Square Pro Review: Versatile Vape with Ingenious Design

Modern-day vaping is continuously evolving with well-crafted vaporizers that are hitting the market. Some vape manufacturers ensure a guaranteed customer satisfaction with products that are crafted with optimal functionality. The Haze Square Pro is no exception. This device features four chambers with unique pods for vaping materials such as wax, shatters, concentrates and dry herbs. This is a comprehensive Haze Square Pro review. Haze Square Pro is available at Vape Smart for $189.99.

haze square pro review oil vaporizer

Haze Square Pro Review on Design: Simplistic Yet User-Friendly

The Haze Square Vaporizer measures at 3 feet weighing 25 grams. It is made out of durable aluminum alloy housing. This Haze dry herb vape easily fits into the palm, with portable and compact form. The mouthpiece has a slot in the casing and you just have to plug it into the unit to start vaping. There is also up and down buttons for adjusting the temperature depending on the user’s preferred material. The lid rotates to switch the loaded pods into the heating mode for vaping. Just twist the lock to open the device. Haze Square Pro tray is removable and you can customize the placement of the pods. The oil/concentrate tray is made up of stainless steel mesh while the material pod is for the dry herbs. For waxes, the silicone lid provides a potent and tasty vapor. The experience can be so enthralling that at one point, one would definitely require AION Recovery Addiction Experts to get a hold on themselves. This Haze Tech Square Pro vaporizer has a patented ceramic heating chamber. High-quality copper comprises the platted heating coils.

haze square pro review wax vaporizer

Haze Square Pro Review on Performance: All-Around and Customizable

This Haze Square oil vape features on-demand heating, which only means that you can adjust the temperature to your liking. In fact, you can use Haze Square Pro App to customize the LED color and has session history for you to see the temperatures that you used during the previous session. This device utilizes a 2600mAH battery that can be charged within 30 minutes. The temperature ranges from 335°F–410°F that you modify through the up and down buttons. You must press the button three times to turn on Haze Square Pro. Hold the button for about ten seconds to reach 320°F. Haptic feedback signals the users that the unit reaches the desired temperature. Haze Square has four times the material capacity. Rotate the lid for a seamless transition when vaping.

How to Use Haze Square Pro Vaporizer

Loading the Material Twist the lock to the middle line in order for you to open the lid. Detach the tray with the interlocking tab that puts it in place. Remove the silicone lid from wax material pod then dab the wax concentrate. Place the Silicone lid back on top to secure the contents. Make sure to fill ¾ of the material pod with dry herbs. Store the dry herbs into the Silicone lid for the moisture to enter and to keep it fresh. Load the concentrate pod with 6-8 drops of selected liquid. Putting the Parts Back in Place Place the pods back in the tray. Check if the tray is secured to the lid. Put the lid back on the Haze wax vaporizer. Rotate the lock back into a vertical position.

haze square pro review concentrate vaporizer

Final Verdict

Haze Square Pro is a compact vaporizer that is the result of 4-year research and development. This redefines how we perceive the versatility of a vaping device. It is compatible with materials such as dry herbs, wax, shatters, and oils. Haze Square sets the bar high for new standards for vaporizers. See our picks for the best dry herb and best wax vaporizers. Check out the Haze Square Pro Vaporizer for only $189.99 at Vape Smart.

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  1. michael cooke says:

    received haze square pro..understand temp. regulation, but duration of coil heating is not of duration for combustion of material..could you please advise..thanks

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