Vape Dynamics Hera 2 Review: Portable Vaporizer Option that is Simple and Easy-to-Use

Vape Dynamics is no stranger in producing high-quality pen vaporizers like the Laguna. This company maintains its momentum with Hera 2. No, it’s not a sequel to Hera 1. There is no such thing. Hera 2 might be an unconventionally named. However, this device delivers the goods through its wonderful features like its smooth transition from dry herb to extract, high precision temperature settings and VUI touchscreen. This is a detailed and comprehensive Hera 2 review.

Hera 2 Review on Design: On-the-Go, Uncomplicated and Powerful

hera 2 vaporizer dry herb portable

This Vape Dynamics portable vaporizer is very beginner-friendly. This is due to its customizable settings and easy-to-assemble parts. The only removable parts of Hera 2 are the mouthpiece and the 2680 mAh battery. There are two different mouthpieces. One is more traditional and flat one that is discreet. This Vape Dynamics vape pen sports a hybrid-dual chamber that is made up of ceramic and stainless steel. The outside is coated with aluminum alloy, which makes it look sleek and sexy.

VUI touchscreen is probably the unique technological feature of Hera 2 dry herb vaporizer. It seems like an unneeded extravagance for some but it does control the vaping process smoothly. This technology regulates the modes, vibration, LED light and temperature. The temperature ranges from 350°F-450°F. Hera 2 has a rectangular shape. It can be easily put in your back pocket. You can also replace the battery at your own convenience. But hey! You can still charge it at your home or work. A full-charge can yield a 90-minute session.

Hera 2 Review on Performance: Delivers Flavorful and Dense Hits

Hera 2 vape does not disappoint as expected from a Vape Dynamics vaporizer. This provides a dense and tasty vaping experience. We definitely recommend this more as a dry herb vaporizer. It can also perform as well as a concentrate vape.

The battery life is very decent. It can last for a number of sessions before requiring to be recharged. It takes about 4 hours for it to be fully charged.

hera 2 vaporizer kit

How to Use Hera 2 Vaporizer

It’s not difficult to learn the Hera 2 vaporizer technology. It just requires a bit of time to get fully accustomed to the settings. Here is a step-by-step guide for using Hera 2. Detach the mouthpiece to reveal the loading chamber. Next, put the choice of the extract or the herb. After that, choose the mode of either extract or dry herb. If you picked to vape extracts, the temperature will stay at 450°F.

For dry herb, the temperature will show continuous heating while it climbs to the desired temperature. Inhale the vapor from the mouthpiece and enjoy. Remember, use a good grinder for dry herbs.

hera 2 vaporizer review kit

Final Verdict

It’s not a secret that Hera 2 is very unique. Many vapers might find it intimidating when they see the touchscreen. The truth is it’s not that hard to use. It might take a while to get used to it. However, the learning curve is not as steep as you think. We definitely can’t wait for another Vape Dynamics vaporizer after all its successes.

Hera 2 vaporizer is available at Vape Smart for $199.00.

One thought on “Hera 2 Review by Vape Dynamics

  1. tom says:

    Customer Service sucks so bad these days. Both the Manufactor and Seller can’t even get their stories straight.
    Good Evening. I going to give a public warning about the Hera 2 Vaperizor. The one I got from VAC was only 14 months old when it started to actually fall in pieces. A very expensive and popular model. I call Tweed and they disowned any warranty and asked me to Call Germany to sort it out. I called, I email to no avail. So I called VAC and got well you know. OK no Problem and through others on this page I call 420 in Kingston to purchase a PAX 3, I was told the Hera 2 was better and it was on sale for 330.00 all in. I go down a couple of days later and purchase one, asked the right question and left. NO ONE SAID all sales final. But understandable, So my New Vape is good and strong for a week or so. Then it would not charge past 75%. I poked around the net and nothing. I send an email to Vapedynamics in California. 3 days later a reply comes. Basically it maybe the charger, So i switch usb wall chargers and it started working Once. Now it will only blink between 87 degress and 89 Degress. I reply to the email with my findings. A day or two go buy and an email comes. Sounds like it maybe something else, will you send the unit back. No problem, How and when and what do I have do while my Vape is gone, As I used as a medical device. 8 days now have passed and no answer, By email or phone. The phone just rings and rings. No Voice mail no nothing. So Today I headed down to 420 in Kingston for assitance. The young lad at the door at first was helpfull. Then the other guy came over, pressed the button and said it works, I said look at the temperture as it was bouncing back in forth. He says yeah nothing I can do, all sales final. I asked him to call the suppler in a bid to help. He looks at me like I was growing a second head, why would I do that. Customer service I replied, he then says something but the body language and attitude, were so obvious that he just didn’t care. I got pissed, 2 weeks ago I spent 330.00 for this and your not even sympathic. I promised both companies free advertising so here it is. 420 Kingston’s Customer Services sucks plain and simple. Vapedynamics is in the same. Thanks for letting me rant.

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