• Manufacturer: Cloudious9
  • Model: Hydrology9
  • Compatibility: Dry Herb
  • Chamber type: Porcelain
  • Heat up time: 60 seconds
Bottom Line

The Hydrology 9 is thoughtfully designed, intelligently crafted and is comprised of several novel features that contribute to the vaping experience.

This device itself is well-crafted, it feels sturdy and, well, premium! It looks awesome – with a glass and alloy body and multi-colored LED light show. The Hydrology 9 will impress company and keep them entertained too!

Cloudious 9 engineered a next-level water filtration system which results in awesome vapor quality and flavor. Not to mention – taking a pull is incredibly reminiscent of hitting a water pipe.

In addition to its hydraulic system,the Hydrology 9 features a patented, built-in stir stick, and controllable air-intake vents which allow the user to customize their experience.

With regard to size, the Hydrology 9 is a home portable, however its ease of use makes it great for any kind of user – from the beginner to the vaporizer geek. 


Hydrology 9 Features

  •     Compatible with Dry Herb
  •     Dual Customizable Air Vent System
  •     LED Indicator System
  •     5 Preset Temperature Settings
  •     Temp Range: 250-430°F
  •     Extra Large Heating Chamber
  •     10-year warranty
  •     Water Filtration System
  •     Patented Stirring Tool
Hydrology 9 Review
The Hydrology 9’s LED light show offers a unique element to this state-of-the art novelty vaporizer.

Hydrology 9 Review Details:

Cloudious 9 has just released the Hydrology 9 – an uber tech-advanced dry herb vaporizer. The Hydrology 9 is unique among portable dry herb vaporizers because it features a water filtration system inside of the unit. Priced at $250, it stands to compete with some of the best portable dry herb vaporizers out. The water-filtration system really improves the quality of the vapor, lending itself to cooling and enriching the vapor. Pulling the vapor through the water gives the same sensation of a water pipe – a cool nostalgic feeling that many vaporizer users may not have felt for some time!

The Hydrology 9 features a surprisingly large oven, alternating LED indicator lights and five preset temperature settings to toggle. This is the perfect vaporizer for someone who wants to add a vaporizer to their ‘home collection’ as the glass, water, and size do not exactly scream “throw me in your backpack for the weekend!” It is, however, the perfect vaporizer for a large group session, given the large size of the oven chamber and its fancy, alternating LED light show. There is no doubt about the fact that this vape is a show-stopper. If you don’t want to share it with friends – definitely don’t leave it out in plain sight. 

It’s easy to get lost in some of the more complex details on the Hydrology 9, as it boasts several patented features. These features do a smashing job at separating the Hydrology 9 from the rest of the pack in the high quality handheld vaporizer industry. For starters, the built-in chamber stir tool is the most convenient, and the smartest innovation I’ve seen in the recent past. As an avid vaporizer user, I know how huge the material waste can be, and I completely appreciate Cloudious 9’s attention to detail in this respect. There’s nothing worse than tossing good material, or burning through it too quickly. This tool remedies this major drawback  that is so common among portable vaporizers.

Another benefit is the air-intake vents. There is always a lot of talk regarding “draw resistance” as an important determining factor in rating a vaporizer – or purchasing a new one. Cloudious 9 included adjustable air vents which allow the user to control the ease with which they are able to pull the vapor through the mouthpiece. Some users enjoy an easier pull, while some prefer to drag harder and produce larger clouds. Thanks to this innovative feature – it is up to the user. Only the Hydrology 9 provides this choice at the time of its release.

Found in the box are the hydrology 9 vaporizer, a USB charging cable, AC adapter, a loading tool/air intake adjustment tool, a long cleaning brush, a short cleaning brush as well as two extra filtration screens. The vaporizer itself is 7″ tall with a diameter of ~1.5″. It is portable, though it is one of the larger and bulkier vaporizers on the market. 

I definitely recommend this vape for someone looking for a show-stopping piece to share with guests at parties, and to bring out to impress like-minded guests. It is also sure to put you in a good mood if you are intent on a solo-session. It worked for me 🙂

In the box:

  •     1 x Cloudious Hydrology Vaporizer Unit
  •     1 x Long Cleaning Brush
  •    1 x Short Cleaning Brush
  •     1 x A/C Adapter
  •     1 x USB Charging Cable
  •     2 x Extra Screen Filters

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2 thoughts on “Hydrology 9 Review

  1. Cheryl Phelan says:

    Where in the instruction manual do you see that the air vents are adjustable? I know there’s a video on YouTube stating that also. But the only mention of the internal one by the chamber is to remove it for cleaning and that there is an external vent. I read nothing of them being adjustable and see nothing in print by them. I have one.

  2. Redragous says:

    I am a Permanently Disabled Vet of 15 yrs that recently became eligible for medicinal marijuana, due to my state passing is use by a public referendum of over 65% Yes votes. I just contacted Cloudious9 for more info and possible discounts, as a friend owns a Hydrology9 and loves it! I tested it out myself and totally agree with him! This innovative, top quality, uniquely engineered “bong vape” is the BEST Vape I have ever used and love its “sex appeal”.
    Cloudious9 responded in 2 hours!!! and provided more info and possible ways they could help me afford to own one! Their Customer Service is superior to ANY I have ever received and highly recommend buying one, if you are looking for the BEST Vape/on the market and value top notch Customer Service!
    Thanks Hydrology9 for reaching out and being generous enough to help me! You guys set the bar in quality build and Customer Service!!!

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