Hyer Big-E Review: A Game-changer for All Dab Rigs

Vapium launched the safest and easiest way to dab. Hyer Big-E rig is torch-free and provides a more consistent, versatile vaping experience without combustion. This is a product of Vapium E-rigs 3 years in R&D. The manufacturer ensures that this portable e-nail is the best version and is up-to-date with the latest improvements. This is a detailed and comprehensive Hyer Big-E review.

The heating element is made out of quartz, which is non-porous and free of glue, plastics, and foul taste. Big-E dab vaporizer also features an elastomeric traction for the docking station that secures a tight grip on the glass.

Hyer Big-E Review on Design: Portable and Convenient Vapium Dab Rig

Dabbing has changed the way we look at taking plant concentrates since it emerged. However, there is a major disadvantage in using the regular dab rigs. They use a complex setup that is quite costly and a blowtorch that is unsafe. Well, Big-E eliminates all that with a simplistic yet effective design and its Quartz glass with a ceramic heating element that needs no torch.

The glass has a small diameter of 0.46 inches. It is safely locked to hold it in place. This also has a screen that shows the temperature and battery life. Big-E also fits 90% of flat base glass with a cordless structure to avoid tethering.

This Vapium dab vaporizer is also easy-to-clean with stash drawer and carbonizes any residue. It uses four 3300mAh batteries and can be charged fully within two hours. It holds a 250% battery capacity lasting up to 25 sessions.

Hyer Big-E Review on Performance: One of the Best E-nails in the Recent Years

Hyer Big-E can heat up to 550° F in 60 seconds while 700° F in 90 seconds. Without combustion, it has a consistent temperature all throughout the vaping experience. You can choose the temperature based on your flavor preference. If it got knocked over, a sensor will detect this and disable the heating of quartz element to keep everything safe.

It also has an efficient “Cleaning Cycle”. You have to hold the Power + down button for a few seconds. Then, it will reach the temperature of 800° F to burn the remnants. After that, you have to swab it clean using a Q-tip with Isopropyl alcohol. This e-nail vaporizer caters to those who enjoy low-temperature dabs and all flavor-rich enthusiasts that takes high-temperature hauls.

It is untethered and cord-free that fits on one hand. You also have a total control of the temperature and flavor. This is perfect for home use and long dab sessions.

How to Use Hyer Big-E

First, place the glass rig on the Hyer. Make sure it is locked safely and has a tight grip. Then, put the Hyer’s nail in the downstem. Next, dial the temperature you desire. Wait for 60 to 90 seconds to complete the heating. Dab the wax onto the nail. Inhale the vapor from the mouthpiece. After you’re done, press the Power + down button to enter into the Cleaning Cycle. Lastly, swab the residue with Isopropyl alcohol.

Final Verdict

I can definitely say that Hyer Big-E is one of the best e-nail vaporizers over the recent years. It is a dab rig that is convenient, easy-to-use and powerful. The torchless design is safe and can be used by a beginner.

Get the Hyer Big-E at Vape Smart for $299.99.

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  1. Joseph Funderburg says:

    Just picked up, got to say the best investment I have made with Dabs. Takes a little trial and error to find that sweet spot, 710*F was mine. Hyper Big E is well worth the cost..

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