JUUL: An Effortlessly Smart E-Cigarette

Compact and user-friendly, the JUUL’s slim features mock the tobacco cigarette yet provides the same feel and look that the cigarette carries. E-cigarettes have been making waves throughout the continents for over 10 years. Society has been encouraging the use of vaporizers and vape pens instead of the primitive means of smoking tobacco. For health reasons alone, vape pens trump the heavy, tar-filled sticks, making way for the traditional social appeal of smoking in a form that leaves toxic tobacco behind. Today, you can expect to find many varieties of vaporizers that fit your needs. One particular vape pen is the JUUL, with its sleek and compact features made to pleasure the smoker and social smoker alike. The JUUL eCig Kit is available directly from JUUL vapor for $49.95 The JUUL kit provides you with satisfying and flavorful options such as the newly introduced mango and the variety pack which includes tobaac, miint, bruule, and fruut.

JUUL: The Features

The JUUL vape pen is handcrafted for simple use while looking as clean and natural as possible. This discreet vape pen can be outfitted to become the best weed vaporizer and features a smooth, soft finish over a rectangular body in a petite form. This vape pen comes with USB magnetic charger and interchangeable cartridges for such flavors as Crème Brule, Cool Mint, Virginia Tobacco, and Fruit Medley. It can easily be confused with an actual pen, one of the highlights that this particular vape pen brings to the table. In addition to its slender design and quality craftsmanship, this vapor offers 200 puffs (the equivalent to a pack of cigarettes), high VG/PG and nicotine, and is perfect for heavy smokers, those who plan to ditch the stick, and those just looking for the occasional puff with a coffee. The JUUL vape pen also includes a red, green, and yellow battery status that will alert you when charge is needed. Each cartridge has 0.7 ml e-liquid and 5% nicotine. This vape pen couldn’t be easier to use and features Lip Sensing Technology. You don’t even need to press a button—just put it to your lips and take a draw! Virginia Tobacco, Creme Brulee, Fruit Medley, and Cool Mint are just a few of the delicious and satisfying flavor options with the JUUL.

An e-Cig Designed with You in Mind

The JUUL shines from the inside out with its lightweight body and ability to produce a rich and satisfying flavor with each use. And it is easily charged in any USB portal and usually takes an hour to catch a full charge. The JUUL vapor mocks the actual cigarette with its compact body, size, and user-friendly design. For those that want to make a switch from cigarette use, this vape pen mocks the experience of smoking a cigarette without actually being one. The JUUL provides the experience and feeling of the real deal, without the putrid smell. Compared to today’s vape mods, the JUUL provides a slim and discreet fit for all occasions and personalities, while still producing impressive vapor quality, and help people relaxing with these products, while there are other options like cannabis oils from sites like karmacbdoils.co.uk that also help with this purpose.

JUUL: The Bottom Line

Whether you’re looking for a better solution than smoking or want the social aspect of a flavorful cigarette, the JUUL vape pen is for you. You don’t have to worry about spending a small fortune on this vape because the JUUL is an affordable gadget that is sure to become one of your out-the-door assets. The JUUL vape pen is a fraction of the price of most vaporizers on the market today—and size too! The JUUL not only looks handsome, but it is also a no-brainer when organizing your purse or pockets before heading out of the house. Each cartridge is packed with long-lasting flavor while providing an innovative way to refill, no matter what your taste.

The JUUL eCig Kit is available directly from JUUL vapor for $49.95


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