What’s new on the Mighty+ ?

The Mighty has been that one device that seemed to be the king of the dry herb vaporizer hill since its release- seven years ago. Storz & Bickel (visit homepage) has finally given their flagship device a much-awaited update: the Mighty+ now features a new ceramic-lined filling chamber, faster USB-C charging, 60-second heat-up time, and a new preset: the superbooster.

In the design department, the Mighty+ (plus) has a new medical-grade plastic shell, a new fin design, and pops of color in S&B’s signature orange. Other than all these new features, it still retains its large LED display, precise temperature control, Cooling Unit, and S&B’s hybrid heating technology.

What does it come with?

Like most S&B products, the Mighty+ (Plus) comes with a pretty complete kit- with everything you need to start.

Here’s what the Mighty+ kit comes with:

  • The Mighty+ unit
  • Charging cable
  • Screens and seal rings
  • Dosing capsule
  • Cleaning brush
  • Instruction manual

Plus the battery of the Mighty+ is even pre-charged 80% of the way so you can just go for it straight out of the box. (But we still do highly recommend charging it all the way before you use it first.)

Sturdy and Long-lasting

The Mighty+ ‘s overall look is generally the same, but with a few minor changes. The heat-dissipating ridged design is now curved instead of straight, the buttons are now in S&B’s signature orange, and there are now small feet that help the Mighty stand.

It’s definitely a very utilitarian, rugged device with an equally strong shell. While plastic is usually frowned upon in devices, the Mighty+ (Plus) is constructed with new medical-grade plastic. This same material is used to house medical devices – which speaks volumes about the Mighty+’s durability.

Interface & Usage (+Smartphone App)

The base of the Mighty+ is where all of the device controls and the LED screen are.  Everything you need to use the Mighty+ (Plus) is all in the device itself. Unlike its counterpart- the Crafty+ (plus) which you’ll need to connect to the S&B app to fully control.

The LED display is larger than you’ll see on most devices and simple to understand – the current temperature on top, set temperature at the bottom, and battery level below. Besides, the LED display are the two large buttons that control the device temperature, and on the side of the device is the orange power button which can also be pressed to access “boost“ and the new ”super boost“ feature.

A (mighty) Battery and USB-C

One of the issues fans had with the former Mighty was its proprietary charger. Once you were out and forgot your charger- that was it for the Mighty. But thankfully, S&B finally swapped it out for the new, and more accessible USB-C.

At 4600mAH, the Mighty+ has one of the best battery lives of any vape. And now, it charges up to 80% in only 40 minutes. The circuit board was also re-designed to accommodate the new 45W power output.

S&B has created a very robust ecosystem of accessories – with all of them compatible across all of their portables. The new “Side Kit” are accessories and spares that are compatible with the classic Mighty, Crafty, Crafty+ (Plus), and the Mighty+ (Plus). It retails for $20 and contains spares, cleaning tools, and the Filling Aid, Capsule Caddy, and Herb Mill.

There’s also the “wear and tear kit” (visit store) available exclusively for the Mighty and Mighty+. This kit contains all the pieces needed to refresh the cooling unit – it includes a spare cooling unit, mouthpieces, filling chamber, and other spares and cleaning tools. 

If you’re keener on getting individual accessories instead of the kits. High on our must-have list of accessories for the Mighty+ (and any S&B device) are the following:

  • Filling Aid: Makes packing the oven so much easier and cleaner. It’s essentially a funnel into the oven. (visit store)
  • Dosing Capsules: May be pre-filled and placed into the oven when you’re on the go. (visit store)
  • Capsule Caddy: An odor-proof and waterproof case/ keychain for up to 4 dosing capsules. (visit store)

Performance & Vapor Quality

S&B’s special hybrid heating definitely produces great results. It’s one of the reasons their products are always highly rated. The combination of both convection and conduction heating systems ensures that all the flavors and terpenes are well extracted.

Regardless of whichever point of the session you are in, the vapor quality is mostly consistent, flavorful, and potent. The only change you might notice is that the vapor becomes denser as your session progresses.

On the Mighty+, the mass of the hybrid heating system has actually been reduced and resulted in a much  60 seconds to anywhere in its 104°F and 410°F range.

What Exactly is the Cooling Unit?

The Cooling Unit is another S&B signature that amazes most users. It is essentially a long vapor path in a small case. The vapor instead of simply going from the top-loading oven to the swiveling mouthpiece now has to travel through a maze-like path. Resulting in perfectly cooled, well-tasting vapor.

Another notable thing about the cooling unit and mouthpiece is that it is fully replaceable. A replaceable vapor path is quite uncommon amongst vaporizers, so this is a definite win for the Mighty+ (plus). You can opt to buy it separately or with the “Wear and Tear Kit” (visit store).

Mighty+ VS Crafty+

The Mighty+ and the Crafty+ share a lot of similarities, but also have a lot that’s different about them. Here are some of the more notable differences between these two devices.

  1. Size: The Mighty+ (Plus) is two times the size of the Crafty+. It’s not exactly pocketable, so if portability is one of your main priorities, the Crafty+ might be more your speed.
  2. LED display and Ease of Use: Mighty+ is ready to go right out of the box, with all its controls being on the device itself. The Crafty+ (Plus) has three pre-set settings, but to access its full functionality, you’ll have to connect it to the S&B web app, or to an Android phone. (Apple has banned all vaping-related apps in its app store).
  3. Battery life: The Mighty+ has a mighty battery that’s double that of the Crafty+’s.
  4. Price: the Mighty+ currently retails for $400 while the Crafty+ is $280.


  1. Hybrid-Heating: Of course both devices would feature S&B’s hybrid heating tech. Both devices actually produce near-similar results, but the Mighty+ definitely has an edge since it has more power available for the heating element.
  2. Temperature Range and Oven Capacity: Both devices have a temperature range of 104°F to 410°F and have an oven capacity of around .25gr dry herb.
  3. Ceramic Coating: The 2021 versions of both vapes now have a ceramic coating on the heating element, which makes it less sticky and easier to clean.
  4. USB-C Charging: The older Mighty’s proprietary charger was somewhat of a drawback- but now both devices feature more accessible and more USB-C charging. In fact, the Mighty+ charges from empty to 80% in about 40 minutes

What Could’ve Been Better?

While the Mighty+ is definitely an exceptional device, there are just a few things that could’ve been more well thought out. None of them affect the device’s performance at all, there are just some minor things that were hard to miss.  

The Filling Aid (visit store) was mentioned earlier in this article as a must-have for the Mighty+ (or any S&B device). This is why it would’ve been better to have included it in the kit. It retails for around $5 and is cheap to produce. It keeps your device clean and free of debris, which is great for the longevity of your vaporizer. It definitely seems more like something that’s necessary rather than an “accessory”. To make loading even easier, I also highly recommend a Small herb spoon (buy on Amazon) to help you place your herbs into the oven- without spilling particles everywhere and keep your hands free of herb.

The original Mighty had a rounded bottom and wasn’t able to stand upright. The new Mighty+ (plus) on the other hand, has small feet at the base. Which are supposed to help it stand upright, but it still requires that you reverse the stir tool to create some sort of tripod. Even then, it’s still not the most stable the flat-bottomed Crafty+ (Plus).

Who is it For?

The Mighty+ is not a disappointing device at all. Its build quality, performance, and overall design represent some of the best in vaping. It’s also one of the few portable dry herb vaporizers that are certified for medical use. The former Mighty is (TUV) certified for medical use and now the Mighty+ is the first-ever vaporizer to carry the UL logo. The Mighty+ conforms to UL8139, which guarantees the safety of the battery, charging, electrical, and heating components.

The Mighty+is for those who are looking for an uncomplicated powerful device, a clean, consistent experience each time, and for those who want a vaporizer that’ll last them several years. It definitely isn’t cheap at $300, but its longevity and features are well worth its price. (visit the Storz & Bickel homepage)