Puffco Peak Review: A Revolutionary Bong for New-Age Stoners

Bongs became outdated with the rise of e-cigarettes and vaporizers. The latter options can get you high faster and more importantly, with a less dosage amount compared to bongs. While vaping is a safer option, bongs still remain as more popular for taking in dry herbs. This a detailed and comprehensive Puffco Peak review.

Puffco vaporizers shattered the competition with the reveal of ‘The Peak’ at CES 2018. This device is a battery-operated desktop concentrate vape that has been dubbed as “the bong of the future.” It incorporates water filtration to work. This device embraces both the technological upgrades of what vapes offer while slightly copying the bong’s design.

Puffco Peak Review Concentrate Vaporizer

Puffco Peak Review on Design: Convenient and Easy to Assemble

The Peak kit is less than a foot in length, making it fit into one hand easily. You can not really place it into any other category of Vaporizer because of its design. However, the closest are the E-nails and dab rigs. The problem is that these kinds of vaporizer have many parts that need to be put together. It can be a hassle and a bit complicated.

With the Peak, there are only two main parts to assemble. These are the water bubble and the base. It is compatible with plant concentrate such as wax, shatter, crumble or oil. The design is perfect for social vaping. Two hours of charging can last 30 dabs. You can also try the ‘Intelligent Temperature Calibration’ to maintain a constant experience while sharing.

Puffco Peak Review E-nail Vaporizer

Puffco Peak Review on Performance: Vaping at its Finest

The way this device performs is astounding. First, it features a 4 unique user settings. It can be set to Low ((Small load, 450°), Medium (Medium load, 500°), Large (Large load, 550°) and Peak (XL load, 600°). This all depends on how you would like to consume the concentrate. Lower temperature can yield a more flavorful stuff. On the other hand, higher temperature has a stronger hit. This is suitable for novice and experts alike.

What makes the Peak also stand out is its quick 20-second heating-up. This is so much faster than Puffco e-rigs or a butane-powered vape. It takes normally 2-3 minutes for a normal vape to heat-up. Sesh-mode allows you to extend your session with up to fifteen seconds for a new level high.
The Peak also sports an LED light band that indicates the temperature and battery life. Green indicates 60%-100% left. Yellow means that it has 30%-60% while red has only 0%-15% charge remaining. You need to click the front button twice to see the LED light for battery life.

There is also a Haptic Feedback. It guides the vapers to get that perfect timing. You will get the perfect and the most mind-blowing hit using this feature.

How to Use Puffco Peak:

First, you need to fully charge the device. Remove the glass container from the base then, add some water. It is important to remember that you must never add water when the container is still attached to the base. Insert the glass carefully into the base. Align it with the inlet hole and the atomizer. Next, press button for heat settings.

Apply the wax using the loading tool into the receptacle then cover with the glass cap. Wait for 20 seconds. Finally, inhale through the mouthpiece and enjoy the vaping experience.

Final Verdict

Puffco has delivered few of the best dry herb vaporizers. It produced Puffco Plus and Puffco Pro. The Puffco Peak definitely is another milestone for the company.

With so many options to choose from, the Peak definitely shines. It gives a new and fresh look at how to get high. This device will surely make a mark as the first-ever Puffco smart e-rig. I implore you to try the Peak for a great vaping experience with less hassle. You can also have a session with your fellow stoners. Just make sure you fully charged it! Remember, sharing is caring.

Puffco Peak is available at Vape-Smart for $ 379.99.