AirVape X Replacement Screens 6 pack



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Replacement Screens for AirVape X (6-Pack)

Overview: The Replacement Screens for AirVape X is an essential accessory pack designed to ensure the optimal performance of your AirVape X vaporizer. These screens are crafted with precision to provide a clean and smooth vaping experience. Over time, screens can accumulate residue, affecting the quality of the vapor. With this 6-pack of replacement screens, you can easily maintain the purity and flavor of your sessions, ensuring that every draw is as good as the first.


  • High-Quality Material: Made from premium materials, ensuring durability and optimal vapor flow.
  • Perfect Fit: Designed specifically for the AirVape X, ensuring a snug and secure fit.
  • Enhanced Vaping Experience: Clean screens ensure pure and flavorful vapor production.
  • Easy Maintenance: Regularly replacing screens helps maintain the efficiency and cleanliness of your vaporizer.

Included in the Box:


  • High-Quality Material
  • Perfect Fit Design
  • Pure Vapor Flow
  • Easy Maintenance


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AirVape X Screens 6pk

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