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Bundle: Puffco Proxy + The Bub + Travel Pack

Included with this bundle:

Puffco Proxy

  • Modular and flexible 
  • Unique "old school pipe" design
  • Powerful 3D chamber 
  • Comes with a carry case
  • Compatible with third-party artist glass
  • Compatible with concentrates and extracts
  • Add Flower bowl for dry herb compatibility  

Puffco Proxy Travel Pack


Puffco Proxy The Bub



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Tradition meets technology with the Puffco Proxy. This Extract vaporizer is shaped like an old-school rig that you may have seen at your grandparent’s house. The Proxy has a glass body and mouthpiece and uses a Ceramic coil with advanced 3D heating technology to keep a precise and consistent temperature in the chamber. The Proxy has it all; it is modular, flexible and customizable, yet advanced and powerful. It is compatible with all extracts- concentrates, shatter, honey etc. The Proxy is a cutting-edge delivery system that is designed with the highest standards in the industry. The Proxy has four pre-set heat settings and a 30-second heat-up time. The battery takes an hour and an hour to fully charge, with a 15-session average runtime.


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