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The latest member of the Dr. Dabber family makes a stunning entrance, the Dr. Dabber Boost Black Edition eRig. You can expect to find bigger, better features like larger nails, more luxurious packaging, and a heating element that is easily removable.

The Black Edition has staked its claim in the world of firsts. This eRig is the first, among concentrate based vaporizers, to be portable, battery-powered, and use a domeless titanium nail that doesn’t require the use of a torch. The Boost heats up just by pushing the fire button which makes dabbing faster and more convenient. Simply attach the nail you want to use on the heater element and press the fire button 3 times. The Boost will turn on and heat up.

Want more heat? To opt for the high heat setting, press the fire button 5 times to send high heat to your quartz nail. With the Boost, you can expect to get cool vapor with its glass water filtration system. It heats and cools your vapor making for a pleasant dab session. Every full battery charge with this beauty gives you around 30 to 40 uses.

The new Boost Black Edition gives vapers a portable option and the ability to customize by being able to remove and replace the heating element. This is a must have for any concentrate connoisseur.

Dr Dabber Boost: Black Edition Highlights:

Here are some of the amazing features that you can expect to find inside this eRig. First, you get the Boost eRig – Black Edition. The Boost is a battery-powered dab rig that can be used with waxes and concentrates. The nail attachments are larger and feature domeless titanium, ceramic, and quartz heating elements. The Boost is lightweight, weighing at 1 pound which is suitable for taking with you on the go.

The Black Boost also utilizes a water filtration system that cools and moisturizes your vapor – making for a high-quality dabbing session.

In the box:

Inside the box, you get many goodies along with your Boost Black eRig. You’ll find a glass water attachment that cools and moisturizes your vapor. 3 domeless nail attachments that come in different materials such as titanium, ceramic, and quartz. You also get 2 magnetic tools – a carb cap and a loading tool. Need to recharge? The Black Boost comes with a micro USB charging cable as well.

To store your Boost, there are 2 medical grade silicon storage containers for your attachments and accessories. As an added bonus, inside you’ll find a Limited Edition Dr. Dabber Boost Black Edition Keychain. Great for showing off that awesome vaping machine!

How to use your Boost:

  1. Remove the glass attachment from the device and fill from the top with water.
  2. Press the fire button to turn on the unit. Press 3 times for the titanium nail attachment and press 5 times for the ceramic and quartz attachments.
  3. Place your concentrate on the tip of the loading tool.
  4. Allow 30 seconds for the device to change color, then touch the tip of the loading tool against the nail and inhale through the mouthpiece.
  5. Once your concentrate has melted off your loading tool, turn the tool around and place the carb cap on the top of the nail for about 3 to 4 seconds. This will increase vapor density.

Cleaning your Glass Attachment:

To clean the glass attachment, first, take the glass attachment off the eRig. Next, slowly pour isopropyl alcohol (99%) in the mouthpiece until it is a fourth of the way full. Then, simply shake the glass attachment until it is clean. To rinse the alcohol out, run water through the top (mouthpiece) until all the alcohol flushes out from the bottom of the attachment. To remove the water from the glass attachment, just blow into the mouthpiece and shake it slowly.

Swapping out Nail and Ceramic Element:


  • Turn nail clockwise to secure nail.
  • Turn nail counterclockwise to remove the nail.

*Warning: Do not attempt to remove nail when hot, remove nail carefully without bending or twisting the ceramic element.


  • Pull up vertically on the ceramic element to remove.
  • Push down on the ceramic element to secure gold pins in place.

*Warning: Do not attempt to remove ceramic element when hot.

Manufacturer Information:

Warranty: 12 months

Additional information


Dr. Dabber

Product Type

Vaporizer Type

Vaporizer Use

Heat up time

20 Seconds

Heating Element

Titanium, Ceramic, and Quartz Nail




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