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Introducing the DynaVap Armored Cap

From the renowned brand DynaVap comes a revolutionary vaporizer accessory that promises to elevate your dry herb vaping experience. The Armored Cap is not just any vaporizer part; it’s an upgrade designed with precision and functionality in mind.

Types of Dynavap Cap

Armored Cap

The in-demand Armored Cap enhances your dry herb vaping with a stainless steel-encased Captive Cap, designed for torch users and excelling with slow heating without spinning, achieving full extractions in 1-2 cycles. Maintaining the original cap’s geometry, machined grooves locate captivations and utilize the digger-outer. The matte grey, stainless steel finish will patina over time, and its additional mass allows for slower, longer, and more thorough extractions on the move or at home. Pre-adjusted for fitment, it securely fits the tip to prevent accidental hot cap falls.

Although larger, the Armored Cap features smaller branding, with machined captivations and logo as visual heating references and fits any DynaVap stash when on a device.


  • Extended heat retention
  • Standard captivations
  • Machined heating references
  • Varied Induction Heater compatibility due to a 12mm diameter cap, requiring possible multiple cycles for similar torch results, compatible with The Wand (no adaptor).

Note: The Armored Cap, designed for a tight fit to prevent accidental falls, may scratch certain titanium and PVD colored tips. Scratches, while normal, do not impact tip performance or pose health risks.

Standard Cap “The Cap”

The Standard Cap, meticulously crafted from high-quality medical-grade Stainless Steel, stands as a testament to DynaVap’s commitment to quality and functionality, ensuring compatibility across all DynaVap devices. This signature Cap is ingeniously designed to emit an audible “click” once it attains the requisite temperature, serving as a reliable indicator for optimal usage and safeguarding against overheating. Furthermore, it proudly features a versatile digger-outer tip, a thoughtful addition that underscores its multifunctionality, providing users with a convenient tool to manage their material effectively. This embodiment of durability and practical design not only enhances the user experience but also ensures that each session is seamless and enjoyable, reflecting the brand’s dedication to providing unparalleled vaping experiences.

Low Temp Captive Cap

The Low Temp Captive Cap offers a distinctive DynaVap device experience, delivering rich flavors and operating at a reduced heating temperature to conserve your material. Featuring a unique logo to distinguish it from the standard Cap, it incorporates Captive technology, which includes indents in the Cap to ensure it remains securely on your device.

The Captive Cap

The original Cap has been revamped with a new functional geometry, enhancing the utility of this crucial component of our battery-free device. The updated design features two indentations that not only secure the Cap in place but also facilitate a more uniform airflow distribution. It also provides enhanced tactile feedback for the heat-up and cool-down clicks and allows for the cap’s free movement or spin. The Captive Cap is compatible with all DynaVap devices.


  • Robust stainless steel
  • 1-2 heat cycles
  • Secure tip fitment
  • Compatible with Wand
  • Subtle branding design
  • Optimized for torches


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Dynavap Cap

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