DynaVap Cyclone Triple Torch Wind-Resistant Triple Flames



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Ignite Your Experience with DynaVap’s Torch

Introducing a pinnacle in vaporization accessories from DynaVap, the Cyclone Triple Torch, a butane torch designed to elevate your vaporizing sessions to new heights. With its wind-resistant flames and a substantial flame adjuster, this torch is not only a tool but a gateway to efficient and effective vaporization, ensuring your sessions are smooth, consistent, and thoroughly enjoyable.

Wind-Resistant Flames for Uninterrupted Sessions

The torch, featuring wind-resistant flames, ensures that your vaporizing sessions remain uninterrupted even in breezy conditions. The robust flames provide a quick and even heat, reducing the heating time and ensuring that your dry herb vaporizer reaches the optimal temperature swiftly and efficiently.

Substantial Flame Adjuster for Precision

With a substantial flame adjuster, this vaporizer accessory allows you to control the intensity of the flame with precision, ensuring that you can tailor your heating experience according to your preferences, whether you desire a slow, flavorful roast or a quick, intense heat.

Clear Fuel Tank for Timely Refills

The clear fuel tank provides a convenient way to monitor the butane levels, ensuring that you are never caught off guard by an empty torch. The visibility of the fuel tank allows for timely refills, ensuring that your sessions are never interrupted by a lack of fuel.

High-Altitude Performance up to 12,000 Feet

Designed to perform even in high-altitude areas, the torch lights up to 12,000 feet, ensuring that your vaporizing experience remains consistent and reliable, whether you are at sea level or on top of a mountain.

Available in Clear or Black

Choose a style that suits you with options in clear or black. Each torch is crafted with the same attention to detail and commitment to quality, ensuring that regardless of your choice, your vaporizing sessions are always top-tier.


  • Triple Flame Precision
  • Sleek, Powerful Design
  • Durable Build Quality
  • Safe Ignition Process
  • DynaVap’s Signature Quality
  • Perfect for Every Vaper


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Dynavap Cyclone Triple Torch

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