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DynaVap "M"


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  • Latest 2020 Version
  • Tactile Grip
  • Adjustable Oven
  • Fits w/ 10mm Water Pipe


  • Compatible with Dry Herb
  • Oven Cap 0.5gr
  • Oven Mat Stainless Steel
  • Heating Method Manual
  • Heat up Time 30 Seconds
  • Body Material Medical Stainless steel
  • Height 3.5 in / 9 cm
  • Weight 67 oz / 19 g
  • Warranty 1 Year


DynaVap "M' is the latest version of the VapCap "M". It's a dry herb vaporizer that needs a blow torch or butane lighter to heat it up. It features an adjustable oven, chiral air-ports for better airflow, and a mouthpiece that fits with any 10mm water pipe while maintaining the same durable and intuitive design.


The DynaVap "M' is made of medical-grade stainless steel that stands 4" tall and as slim as a regular cigarette. These are the features of the "M":
  • Captive Cap: This covers the tip of the oven for heating. Compared to the previous model, it now has two small indentations on either side of the cap so that it won't fall off whenever you're vaping. It will produce a "click' to indicate that the herbs have reached the vaping temperature and ready for you to inhale.
  • Adjust-A-Bowl: The bowl can hold up to 0.5g of herbs and can be reduced to 0.1g if you want to microdose. It also features flat geometric patterns and sharp-edged tips that helped with providing good airflow.
  • Chiral Air-ports: It has 2 air-ports that allow users to control the airflow while inhaling the vapor. You can either cover one air-port or both air-port for high draw resistance.
  • Mouthpiece: The mouthpiece is slightly tapered compared to the previous model which makes it capable to fit any 10mm water bong. It also has a cut inside the mouthpiece that prevents the O-ring from getting too deep into the mouthpiece after cleaning.

How To Use

The DynaVap "M" is one of the few analog vaporizers on the market. So you'll just need a butane lighter to start your session. To use this, you need to:
  1. Remove the Captive Cap
  2. (Optional) Twist the bowl to change the bowl’s capacity.
  3. Fill the oven with herbs and replace the cap.
  4. Start heating the cap with your lighter.
  5. When you hear a second click, inhale from the mouthpiece.
  6. (Optional) Control the airflow by covering either side of the air-ports or both.
Good Tip: You can continue heating for a second or two after the 2nd click for a stronger hit.


In the box

  • DynaVap “M’ Vaporizer

1 review for DynaVap “M”

  1. Happy DYNAVERSE key holder

    So this is more of the one hitter verity of vapes, but it’s very easy to empty and refill so not a big deal, but if you’re looking for a larger “oven” than this is not it.
    That being said this is a fantastic vaporizer (there is a bit of a learning curve) but once you get it down your good to go.
    The oven can be adjusted to accommodate .10 or .05 very easily as the vaporizer doubles as it’s own tools to take it apart.
    If your looking to be stealthy despite the butane lighter involved it’s actually does pretty well as the jet flame gives off way less light than a sparking lighter, it also just looks like your using a dog whistle when hitting it (granted there’s definitely still vapour).
    As for vapour it tastes very good and definitely can deliver very large hits, without being harsh (JUST DON’T OVERHEAT IT), when you hear the click stop the heat.
    Cleaning is a breeze after watching a quick tutorial it looks complicated but it’s definitely not, as I mentioned the vaporizer also is everything you need to take it apart.
    One last AMAZING feature this can be used to vape the green dust straight from the bottom of the grinder, no sandwiching needed (just take SLOW hits) and if it’s full stir it up, but I have done so many times now and have not had anything pull through (soo far I’ve only done this with stainless screens).

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