Puffco Pro Vaporizer

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The Puffco Pro has been discontinued and replaced with the Puffco Plus and the Puffco Pro V2

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Puffco Pro Vaporizer Description:

The Puffco Pro is a temperature control vaporizer that brings technology and innovation together to deliver a unique vaping experience. It is fitted with one of the largest ceramic chambers. It not only leads to fewer refills but also leads to a great vaping experience.

The Puffco Pro does not use any glues, plastic or fibers to connect its parts. Its monolithic design gives it an elegant look and at the same time keeps it compact enough to be carried in your pocket. The protective UV coating makes the Puffco Pro a long lasting vaporizer. With the Puffco Pro, you get three different temperatures to vape to cycle through the different setting click the cloud button four times and set your favorite temperature setting. For optimal battery life and user safety.The Puffco Pro comes with a five click on/off functionality.

How to use:

The battery is pretty small compared to most full-size pens, and it has 3 heat settings:

  • GREEN = Low
  • BLUE = Medium
  • RED = High

To cycle between the three levels. Tap the power button 4 times and wait for a second (tapping it 5 times will turn it off).

Puffco Pro Vaporizer Kit Comes With:

  • Puffco Pro Vaporizer
  • Temperature Controlled Battery
  • Full atomizer set
  • Charger
  • Carrying case


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