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Vivant Incendio E-nail Vaporizer Overview:

The Vivant Incendio E-nail vaporizer is the first-ever vape with an all glass heating element and chamber. This design yields a better vaporization for a more flavorful experience from your waxes and oils. This Vivant e-nail gives the users complete control with a portable and sleek design. Enjoy dabbing on-the-go with a faster heat up time and dynamic temperature control.

Vivant Incendio E-nail Vaporizer Highlights:

  • Two modes: E-nail and VW
  • All glass heating element
  • 500mAh battery
  • Firecore technology
  • 10-second heating time
  • Adjustable temperature

In the box:

  • 5000mAh Battery
  • Incendio Tank
  • Glass Water Filter
  • Wax Container
  • Spare Firecore Coil
  • Stainless Steel Carb Cap with Dab Tool
  • USB Cable
  • Spare Large O Rings
  • Spare Small O Rings
  • Metal Carrying Case

Vape-Smart Recommends For:

Advanced Users that want to be in full control of their vaping experience. Moreover, the all-glass heating element yields a cleaner vapor suited for health-conscious dabbers.

Vivant Incendio E-nail Vaporizer Description:

You may choose between E-nail or VW modes. This allows you to tailor your sessions, which is perfect for a more convenient vaping. The powerful 500mAh battery allows the Vivant Incendio e-nail to heat-up for just ten seconds. Firecore technology places an electrical trace into the glass cup for vaporization of concentrates at the spot-on temperature.

The vapor passes through the bubbler yielding a cleaner and cooler vaping experience. The Incendio vaporizer delivers huge hits while being compact and versatile. The E-nail mode lets you choose the temperature manually. On the other hand, the VW mode allows you to adjust the watts rather than the temperature. Get all these benefits without the use of a nail or a torch. The e-nail vaporizer kit includes a heavy-duty travel case for safe keeping.

Manufacturer Information:

Warranty: 12 months


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Heat up time

10 Seconds


1 Year manufacturer warranty


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