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X-Max Oont Dosing Capsule Set

From the esteemed brand X-Max comes a groundbreaking accessory tailored for herb enthusiasts – the Oont Dosing Capsule Set. Designed to complement the X-Max Oont vaporizer, this set ensures precision, convenience, and a superior vaping experience. Let’s dive into the features that set this product apart.

Perfect Dose Every Time

One of the standout attributes of this vaporizer accessory is its promise of consistent dosing. Each capsule is meticulously crafted to hold the perfect amount of herb, ensuring you get a consistent experience with every use.

High-Quality Construction

Quality is paramount, and this vaporizer accessory doesn’t compromise. Made from premium materials, these capsules are not only durable but also ensure the purest flavor, free from any metallic or unwanted tastes.

Convenience at Its Best

For those who value convenience, this set is a game-changer. Pre-fill the capsules for on-the-go use, ensuring a hassle-free and quick vaping session whenever you desire.

Seamless Compatibility with X-Max Oont

These capsules are designed specifically for the X-Max Oont vaporizer, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal functionality. The integration is seamless, enhancing the overall vaping experience.


  • Consistent Herb Dosing
  • Premium Material Construction
  • Ready for On-the-Go
  • Enhances Flavor Profile
  • Perfect Fit Design
  • Easy to Clean


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Xmax Oont Dosing Capsule 5pcs

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