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Yocan Evolve Battery


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The Yocan Evolve Charger is a one-of-a-kind charging device that uses a USB connection and 510 threaded couplings to offer an exceptional charging experience for the Yocan Evolve Battery. The end of the charger that connects to the battery features an LED light indicator that displays the charging status and alerts you when the battery is fully charged. To avoid damaging the battery, the charger is designed with a short length as the Evolve battery does not support pass-through charging. Additionally, the charger is strategically made to limit its reach and prevent accidental activation of the battery while charging. The Yocan Evolve Battery was the first of many portable charging cables produced by Yocan. This groundbreaking device paved the way for top-quality chargers that can be used with various power sources such as computers, wall adapters, laptops, and even cars. The unique and iconic design of the Yocan Evolve Charger has made it possible for portable vape pens like the Yocan Evolve to be charged on-the-go, making vaping more convenient and accessible.


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