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Zeus Bolt 2 Grinder


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  • Aircraft-grade aluminum Grinder
  • 4 Piece grinder
  • Diamond cut teeth
  • Pollen collector


  • Compatible with Dry Herb
  • Body Material Medical Aluminum
  • Height 1.77 in/ 4.5 cm
  • Warranty 1 Year


The Zeus Bolt 2 is the smaller version of Zeus Bolt XL. It is the perfect accessory for shredding and cutting your herbs while you are on the go. It is the most versatile grinder by Zeus, a brand known for its high-quality products, as it works well with all types of vaporizers.


This black, medium-sized, four-piece grinder is created from aircraft-grade anodized aluminum that is tough and durable yet light and portable. It comes with a carrying case which makes it suitable for travel use. The Zeus Bolt 2 is designed from materials of the highest quality:
  • Grinder: It has 4 chambers which can be reduced to 3, which filters and separates the ground herb. It has a diameter of 5.5 centimeters which also functions as storage for herbs.
  • Diamond cut teeth: It is calibrated to shred herbs to perfect consistency.
  • Lid: The strong magnetic lid makes it effortless to open and close the grinder.
  • Mesh Screen: The stainless steel mesh screen connects the center chamber to the bottom chamber. It also catches botanical dust for future use.
  • Carrying case: The durable plastic carrying case keeps everything airtight including the odor. It keeps everything protected when not in use.
  • Scoop: The portable scoop is just the right size to efficiently grind the herb.

How to Use

  1. Open the grinder.
  2. Place the herb.
  3. Close the grinder.
  4. Twist the top to grind the herb.
  5. Detach the top two pieces from the bottom two pieces to obtain the herb.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The Zeus Bolt 2 is very easy to clean and maintain. It is also very easy to handle especially when it comes to assembling and dismantling the parts. Here are the steps to clean the Zeus Bolt 2:
  1. Empty the remains from the grinder.
  2. Dismantle the 4 pieces of the grinder.
  3. Soak them into isopropyl alcohol for 30 minutes.
  4. Use bristle pipe cleaners to further remove any left residue.
  5. Rinse with hot water.
  6. Make sure they are completely dry before putting back together.


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