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Smoking vs Vaping Dry Herb

Three Reasons Why You Should Vape Your Dry Herb Instead of Smoking It   

Here’s the deal with smoking vs vaping: As vaporizers have exploded onto the mainstream market, one question has been on the tip of everyone’s tongue. So: Should I traditionally smoke my dry herbs or should I use a dry herb vaporizer? Here are the three reasons why you should be vaping your dry herb, instead of smoking it.

vaping healthier than smoking A person who vapes enjoys many benefits as opposed to smoking – especially eliminating the smell!

Did you know?

The health benefits of vaping over traditional smoking are now scientifically supported

Let’s compare the two. For vaping, one would heat up their dry herb until it turns into a vapor; for traditional smoking, a heating source would be directly applied to the tobacco, causing it to combust. Combustion releases dangerous toxins that one would not see when vaping. When smoking traditionally, up to 80 percent of what you are inhaling is toxins and other impurities. When vaping, you smoke up to 95 percent of the original material, and the leftovers are non-dangerous fragmentary oils often found in plants. One of the most dangerous aspects of traditional smoking is the tar, which has direct links to lung cancer and other respiratory diseases. Vaping produces little, if any, tar, proving once again that vaping is much healthier than traditional smoking. It gets better: The University of Southern California and The University of New York found in an experiment that people who vape are roughly 40 percent less likely to display negative physical health symptoms, focusing largely on respiratory conditions, when compared to the health of traditional smokers, and that’s why products as vape concentrate australia really help people who want to vape instead of smoking. 

It’s Cheaper than Cigarettes

Here’s the kicker: Vaping is far more efficient than traditional smoking. Although dry herb vaporizers don’t come cheap, averaging between 200 to 300 dollars, you are guaranteed to save money over time if you vape with Liquido24 rather than smoke your dry herb.

While a traditional smoker would inhale as low as twenty percent of the tobacco content found in cigarettes, vapers can inhale closer to 95 percent of dry herb materials. You can zigaretten bestellen of E cigarette technology which has advanced rapidly, and there are now more products than ever to choose from. Use the best e cigs brand for you. These statistics determine that every time you inhale, you take in roughly four times the level of the product if you vape, saving approximately four times the amount of money. However, this is one potential downfall when it comes to vaping. The potency achieved through vaping your herbs can often be dangerous to novices and first-time vapers who have yet to adjust.

Better Quality and Experience

vaping good alternative to smoking

Although it is impossible to prove this scientifically, the quality of the experience and taste of the product significantly increases when vaping compared to traditional smoking methods. Let’s recap: While the latter can come as a matter of opinion, there is some scientific evidence that proves that the vaping method uses 95 percent of dry herb material, which guarantees that one can experience a purer taste and quality. When compared to traditional tobacco smoking, the ratio would play out closer to roughly 20 percent smoke to 80 percent of toxins and carcinogens. Beyond these scientific facts, much is still a matter of personal opinion. Everyone’s experience will be different depending on how they vape, what materials they use, etc. However, if you do some Internet research or ask other vapers, you will, nine times out of 10, get an equally satisfying answer that vaping is both tastier and purer than traditional smoking.

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