Sutra Dash Pod: Simple, Convenient and a Stylish Way to Vape

Vape pods are highly recommended when transitioning from smoking cigarettes to vaping. Their design is simple, minimalist and sleek. However, most vape pods in the market have 90-180mAh battery range that can only last an hour at most. Sutra Dash Pod delivers all the goods of a vape pod while having a 350mAh battery for a longer vaping session. This is a detailed and comprehensive Sutra Dash Pod review.

Vape Smart offers the Sutra Dash Pod for $34.99.

sutra dash pod review kit

Sutra Dash Pod Review on Design: No Fuss, Just Pure Goodness

This Sutra vape pod makes the vaping experience straightforward. Yet, the design has a strong regard for form and functionality. This vape pen-like device is 3.25 inches tall and 0.5 inches wide. Travellers who vape can easily carry this anywhere they want. It fits on one hand and it’s not bulky when put into a back pocket. It is portable and perfect for beginners who just switch to vaping.

The Sutra Dash Pod kit includes a 1 mL cartridge for CBD oils. The other cartridge is for e-liquids, which can be loaded with Salt Nicotine E-juice. It’s safer than smoking because vaping doesn’t contain the toxins the cigarette has. In addition, Dash pod has mini bubbler mouthpiece that yields a clean and dense vapor.

It has a LED light that indicates the battery life. White color means a fully charged battery. Yellow means that it is at 50%. Lastly, red alerts the users that the battery is almost empty. Sutra Dash Pod doesn’t have any buttons. It is activated when you inhale through the mouthpiece. Sutra Dash vape slowly reaches 800°. Remember to slowly take in breaths so you can catch the desired tasty hit. It automatically shuts down after 15 seconds without usage.

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Sutra Dash Pod Review on Performance: Small Yet Surprisingly Powerful

First, the battery range is probably one of the best among the vape pods in the market. In fact, it can last more than half a day on a regular use. This small vaping device can produce white, thick clouds upon exhaling. It also brings out the flavor of the e-juice really nicely. Make sure to choose a nice-tasting e-liquid because this device can’t do anything with a generic e-liquid taste.

How to Use the Sutra Dash

You need to fill the cartridge with some e-liquid or CBD oil, first and foremost. To do that, take off the silicone stopper at the top of the pod. Fill the desired amount of liquid and place the stopper back. Make that the absorbent in the mouthpiece is secured because this prevents the leaks. Click the mouthpiece in the pod. Insert the pod into the battery.

Now, you will see the LED light blink when you insert the pod. Inhale directly from the mouthpiece. You can replace the pod if it’s no longer working.

Final Verdict

The Sutra Dash Pod performs on a very high-level. It is very beginner-friendly and you can take it anywhere you want to go. It is small yet creates nice, white and thick clouds. The design is very simplistic yet innovative. For more related content, you can read the best e-Cig of 2018.

The Sutra Dash Pod is available for $34.99 at Vape Smart.

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