The 722 by Utillian is a portable dry herb vape with a few upgrades over the previous 721. The upgrades include a more ergonomic sleeker look, better airflow, and higher max temperature. The U722 has a single-button interface with four preset temperature levels and features a ‘boost mode,’ which will gradually increase the temperature to reach the maximum temp of 437°F. It uses convection heating and is compatible with concentrate & extracts by using the oven insert. The U722 retails for $150, which falls in the category of mid-tier vapes.

What’s In The Box

Aside from the Utillian 722 vaporizer and the micro-USB charging cable, the kit includes:

  • User Manual
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Loading Tools
  • Replacement O-Rings & Screens
  • Concentrate Canister – This allows you to vape solid extracts. It can also be used as an oven reducer for microdosing.

Design & Features

Utillian 722 with the box

The Utillian 722 has a square and ergonomic design that reminds me of my Crafty+. It has a tactile button on the side to operate the device, and the oven sits on top, covered by a magnetic plastic mouthpiece.

The exterior shell is made from anodized aluminum with a rubber finish that feels kind of sturdy and has a firm grip when using the device. The rubber finish also helps with isolating and containing the heat, which prevents the device from getting hot when vaping for an extended period.


Utillian 722 Mouthpiece Design

The U722 has a larger and sturdier mouthpiece than the previous 721, further optimizing the airflow for some intense cloud production. As you can see, the U722’s mouthpiece has a similar design to the Crafty+. The only difference is the U722 uses a magnet to hold it in place firmly. It opens easily to expose the heating chamber, and the mouthpiece has a ‘straw’ which helps with cooling down the vapor and can be folded away when not in use.

Heating Oven

Utillian 722 Oven Chamber Design

The heating chamber is made from stainless steel and can hold up to 0.3g of dried herbs. It uses a Convection Heating Method, which means the heat is generated outside the oven and prevents the herbs from burning. This heating method usually preserves the natural flavors of the herb and produces fine-quality vapor. The U722 also keeps the vapor’s purity since it features an airpath isolated from the battery and electrical circuits.

How To Use

The U722 has a simple and intuitive interface. To use it, you need to:

Utillian 722 Oven Chamber
  1. Remove the Mouthpiece
  2. Load the dry herb and avoid packing it too tight for better airflow.
  3. Tap the button five times to turn it on.
  4. Tap the button twice to toggle temperature settings
  5. Once the LED light turns solid, inhale from the mouthpiece.

Temperature Settings: The U722 has four well-calibrated temp settings, which are 356°F, 374°F, 392°F, and 410°F

Boost Mode: Holding the power button for more than a couple of seconds will activate the boost mode. It will heat the oven to its max temp of 437°F, which is an excellent way to finish sessions or using it with extracts.

Extract Compatibility: There’s an included concentrate canister for the U722 to vape concentrates. However, I don’t recommend using it since concentrate tends to get things dirty and stick, which will be harder to clean and maintain. It also reduces longevity, so if you’re going to vape concentrates, I recommend buying a separate vape pen for your concentrate.

Performance & Vapor Quality

Utillian 722 Crafty plus Xmas Starry

The U722 heats up to 30 seconds and does a great job at vaping the herb. After each session, the herb was brown and crispy, which is a clear sign that every last bit of active ingredients was vaped efficiently. The draw resistance depends on how you tightly pack the herb. As for me, I put at least 0.2g herb for better airflow.

It produces thick, visible vapor, and the flavor is pure & tasty. I usually spend most of my time vaping around second or third settings since this is where the sweet spot between flavor and vapor production. The boost mode is a nice feature and a great way to finish off my session.

Battery Performance: The U722 packs a 2300mAh battery that could last a day of casual vaping or an hour of continuous use. It uses a micro-USB charger and is indicated by a small LED light just beneath it, and it’ll take two hours to recharge.

Bottom Line

Crafty+ and Utillian 722

All in all, the U722 is one of the straightforward dry herb vapes that produce fine-quality vapor for a fair price. Yes, it may not have high-tech features such as a smartphone app, haptic feedback, or precise temperature control, but hey, it functions great and certainly could last for a long time. However, if you’re looking for a much more satisfying experience, I suggest that you look into Crafty+ or Mighty. And if you prioritize portability without sacrificing the vapor quality, You can check into DaVinci IQ 2 or Pax 3.