The Arc GT by Zeus is engineered in Germany and the first dry herb vape with a gold heating chamber and gold vapor path. It’s a compact vape with a gold heatsink in the flat mouthpiece, making the vapor cool at any three temperature cycles. Another notable feature is it has a built-in multi-tool, accelerometer, and upgradeable firmware to unlock a layer of customization for your Zeus Arc GT. Let’s see in the full review of how it performs.

What’s In The Box

Zeus Arc GT Bag with Zeus Arc Bolt

The Kit includes the vaporizer, lots of cleaning tools, USB-Charger, and a glass spacer to reduce the oven size. If you want to improve your experience, there are various accessories for the Zeus Arc GT:

  • WPA Adapter – You can replace the mouthpiece with the WPA adapter to easily connect the Zeus Arc to a 14mm or 18mm water pipe.
  • Zeus Iceborn – This accessory allows the vaporizer to produce more vapor without being too harsh to inhale. The Iceborn dramatically cools down the vapor through an ice filtration system and works with most dry herb vapes in the market.
  • Zeus Armor Case – The Zeus Armor case is odor-proof and water-resistant, making it a suitable travel case for your vaporizer and accessories.
  • Zeus Portable Charger – This power bank packs 5000mAh power and is compatible with any other micro-USB vaporizers.
  • Zeus Bolt 2 Grinder – A fine-quality grinder is a necessity for a tastier and more satisfying experience. The Bolt 2 grinder is calibrated to shred herbs to the perfect consistency and comes with a carrying case for traveling.

Design & Features

Zeus Arc GT vaporizer Design

The Zeus Arc GT is a compact and tough vaporizer with a rectangular-shaped body. It measures about 3.5 inches tall and under 2 inches wide, and the body is made of durable anodized aluminum with a matte black finish. The curvy edges make it comfortable to hold, and it feels pretty solid that can withstand a spoonful of drops.

The design itself is minimalistic- it has no visible buttons, and features LED strips that indicate the battery life and the temperature setting. The gold lettering adds some nice touch, but overall, it’s designed for the covert session.

On the bottom of the device, there’s a multi-tool that covers the USB-port for charging. The multi-tool function as a packing tool, a stirring tool, and a cleaning tool. Keep in mind that it’s small enough that you might worry about losing it. Another issue here is that the USB port is located at the bottom, so it can’t stand up while it’s charging.


The Zeus Arc GT has a silicone flat mouthpiece that aids with the covertness and portability. It reminds me of my Pax 3 and shares the same issue: it feels a little awkward to inhale than the standard extended mouthpiece. It features a Gold Heatsink Technology that keeps the vapor cool even though it has a short vapor path.

Heating Chamber

Zeus Arc GT Mouthpiece

If you remove the mouthpiece, there’s a smooth concave that makes loading very easy- you can just scoop up your herb from the grinder, and you’re ready to go. It features a gold heating chamber, a good conductor of heat, that vapes the herbs to the utmost degree. It can hold 0.3g of herbs, and as I’ve mentioned before, you can use the glass spacer to reduce the oven size.

How To Use

The Arc is extremely easy to use. You just press down on the mouthpiece to turn it on and to select from one of the three heating cycles-

  1. Remove the mouthpiece
  2. Scoop some dried herbs into the chamber and tamp it down with the multi-tool
  3. Replace the mouthpiece
  4. Press down the mouthpiece to turn on the device
  5. Tap the mouthpiece to choose one of the three heating cycles
  6. Once the device vibrates, inhale from the mouthpiece.

Temperature Settings: The temperature will change if you’ll update the Zeus Arc GT firmware, but the default is as follows: 414°F, 430°F, and  437°F.

Performance & Vapor Quality

Zeus Arc GT Pax 3 Davinci IQ

The Zeus Arc GT takes more time to heat up than standard dry herb vapes since it has a gold heating chamber. In return, it utilizes the heat that evenly vaped the herbs, which allows producing more clouds and tasty vapor. The gold vapor path and the heatsink in the mouthpiece keep the vapor cool even if it has a short vapor path.

The vapor it produces is cool and undeniably delicious. By using the Zeus Arc GT, it’s possible to split the herbs in the oven for multiple sessions. It means that you can vape the herbs early in the morning and finish the session in the middle of the day. This is a useful feature since most dry herb vapes require you to finish off the herbs in the oven once you started your session.

Battery Performance: You’ll be vaping for a long time since it can last for 90 minutes of continuous vaping. This is longer than most vapes, and casual vapers can go for days before a recharge. The Zeus Arc GT takes about 2 hours to charge fully, and it could have been better if it’s capable of pass-through charging.

Bottom Line

I’ve never expected a dry herb vape with a gold heating chamber would be able to produce fine-quality vapor. I was skeptical at first but, when I took a hit from the mouthpiece, it’s one of the most pleasing vapors I’ve ever tasted. It’s simple and sleek build makes it a great choice for on-demand vape and also powerful enough for intermediate users.

However, even if it has a decent size-to-performance ratio, it’s no match to some bigger vapes such as the Crafty+ or Mighty. With that being said, this is an excellent choice for vapers who tend to be traveling rather than spending time at home.