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As an online company based in the US, all of our products are priced in US Dollars.

We do. As long as your local customs would not have problems (tax and clearance) receiving and delivering packages from the US, then we will surely cater to your orders.

We have fulfillment centers all across the US, and will route your order to the closest one that has your products.

We ship items on the same day (for orders placed before 4 pm ET) and we usually ship with USPS two-day priority. Most of our orders are delivered (anywhere in the US) within 2-3 days.

We normally use USPS but we also use FedEx, UPS and DHL in some cases. If you have a preference because of your location, just let us know.

We are an online seller and we do not have a physical store.

Our manager is currently reviewing your order and is checking the availability of the product as well. Should we need further information from you, you will be contacted to the email address you provided during your purchase.

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