The Zenco Duo is a tabletop vaporizer notable for its innovative feature allowing users to drink vapor. It is more than a novelty, serving as a functional vaporizer that provides a distinctive vaping experience. Having been available for a year, the Zenco Duo Vapor Cup has established its place in the market, offering a fresh take on vaping. This review explores its features, performance, and the experience of vapor drinking. The vaporizer is available.

Product Overview

The Zenco Vape stands out with its two glass cups feature, enabling users to drink the vapor. This unique aspect differentiates it from other vaporizers. The device is wireless and charges via USB-C, adding convenience.

Unboxing and First Impressions

Upon unboxing, the vaporizer’s sleek design with a faux wood grain finish is immediately noticeable. Despite the plastic construction, it maintains a solid feel. The inclusion of two identical glass cups allows for continuous use during longer sessions, and the absence of a water bubble percolator simplifies the design, focusing on the vapor drinking feature.


The Duo includes two types of atomizers: one for dabs and another for cartridges. The atomizers, featuring a ceramic coil and a triple quartz atomizer, offer flexibility and customization for various vaping products.

Usage and Performance

Operating the Duo is straightforward, with a sensor-based control system. Quick taps and clicks adjust the power and temperature settings. A built-in fan aids in even vapor distribution. Some taller cartridges may require adjustment to fit, but overall, the device operates efficiently, similar to the Pulsar model.

Drinking the Vapor

Drinking the vapor is a smooth, flavorful, and enjoyable experience. This feature, while novel, distinguishes the Duo from other vaporizers, offering a unique aspect to the vaping experience.


The Zenco Duo is an innovative and distinctive vaporizer. Its unique vapor drinking feature, combined with solid performance and user-friendly design, makes it a valuable addition for both experienced vapers and newcomers interested in a novel vaping method.