AirVape Legacy and Pro Wax Pad for Oil Concentrates



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Wax Pad Insert for Legacy and PRO

Enhance your vaping experience with the Wax Pad Insert designed exclusively for the AirVape Legacy and PRO. This insert is not just an accessory; it’s a transformative component that allows you to seamlessly switch between dry herbs and oil concentrates, ensuring versatility and optimal performance.

Seamless Integration

The Wax Pad Insert can be effortlessly integrated into the chamber of your AirVape Legacy. Its precision design ensures a perfect fit, enhancing the overall functionality of your device and ensuring a smooth vaping experience.

Optimal Performance

Designed for condensed material only, this insert ensures that you get the most out of your oil concentrates. It offers a pure and flavorful vapor, elevating your vaping sessions. Note: It is not intended for eLiquids or eJuices to prevent any leakage into the chamber.

Easy Usage

Using the Wax Pad Insert is straightforward. After ensuring the unit is turned off and the chamber is cooled, open the lid of your Legacy model, insert the wax pad, place your material over it, close the lid, turn on the unit, and enjoy an enriched vaping experience.

Choose the Wax Pad Insert for the AirVape Legacy and redefine your vaping sessions with versatility and excellence.


  • Seamless Integration
  • For Oil Concentrates
  • Enhanced Vaping Experience
  • Easy to Use


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AirVape Legacy Pro Wax Pad

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