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AirVape X Shell Protector



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The X Shell for AirVape X is a meticulously designed accessory tailored to augment the functionality and durability of your AirVape X device. This innovative shell not only offers an added layer of protection but also accentuates the discreteness of your vaporizer. Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts or those who value sleek design and discretion, the X Shell is the quintessential companion for your AirVape X.


  • Water Resistance: Provides a water-resistant shield, safeguarding your AirVape X against accidental splashes.
  • Dirt-Proof: Designed to repel dirt and debris, ensuring your device remains pristine, especially during outdoor activities.
  • Enhanced Discreteness: The X Shell’s design allows you to activate your vaporizer with the shell on, offering maximum discretion. The device will still vibrate to signal readiness but remains hidden until actual use.
  • Seamless Integration: More than just a protective case, the X Shell seamlessly integrates with the AirVape X, maintaining its minimalistic design and shape.

Included in the Box

  • 1 X Shell for AirVape X
  • Note: Compatible with all existing AirVape X models

Usage Guidelines

Effortlessly slip the X Shell onto your AirVape X device. Its design ensures a snug fit, integrating it as an essential component of your vaporizer. While the shell offers protection against water splashes, it’s crucial not to immerse the device underwater.


  • Water-Resistant Shield
  • Dirt-Proof Design
  • Enhanced Discreteness
  • Seamless Integration


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