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AirVape XS GO Replacement Screens 6pk



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    AirVape XS Go


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    AirVape XS Go Shell


  • AirVape XS Go Wax Pad

    AirVape XS Go Wax Pad


  • AirVape XS Go Mouthpiece

    AirVape XS Go Mouthpiece


  • AirVape Charging Dock

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  • AirVape Wireless Powerbank

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Enhance Your Vaping Experience with Replacement Screens for XS GO 2021 Model

For every vaping enthusiast who values quality and consistency, the Replacement Screens for XS GO 2021 model are a must-have. These screens, designed exclusively for the updated AirVape XS GO models, ensure that every vaping session is as pure and enjoyable as intended.

Optimal Performance

These replacement screens are meticulously crafted to offer an unparalleled vaping experience. They play a pivotal role in ensuring that the vapor produced is clean, pure, and free from any unwanted residues. Whether you’re a casual vaper or a connoisseur, these screens will undoubtedly elevate your vaping sessions.

Durability Meets Precision

Each pack is equipped with 3 robust Replacement Screens for the XS GO Magnetic Mouthpiece and 3 Replacement X Chamber Screens. Made with precision and durability in mind, they promise longevity and consistent performance, even with regular use.

Seamless Integration

Switching to the new screens is hassle-free. Their design ensures a perfect fit, making the replacement process straightforward. With these screens, not only is the vapor quality enhanced, but the overall lifespan of your device is also extended.

Invest in the best for your AirVape XS GO. With the Replacement Screens for XS GO 2021 model, every puff is a testament to quality, purity, and excellence.


  • Precision-Crafted Design
  • Consistent Vapor Quality
  • Robust and Long-Lasting
  • Easy Installation Process


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