Auxo Cenote V2

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Product Description

    • The Cenote is engineered specifically for wax and concentrates.
    • It incorporates a ceramic nail and a glass recycler for optimal performance.
    • The device offers four distinct temperature settings, with an advanced Pro Mode accessible via the AUXO App.
    • Charging versatility is ensured with both Type-C and Qi-certified wireless charging capabilities.

Usage Guidelines

    • Loading Procedure: To begin, lift the carb cap, place the wax into the ceramic nail, reposition the cap, and ensure the recycler is filled with water.
    • Activation: A simple long-press of the power button for 3 seconds activates the device.
    • Heating Process: Users can select their desired temperature with a short press of the power button. The preheating phase is visually indicated by a combination of red and yellow lights.
    • Session Completion: A steady red light provides a 20-second countdown, signaling the end of a session. The device then transitions to a cooling phase.

Temperature Specifications

    • The Cenote offers four temperature settings: 518℉, 572℉, 626℉, and an advanced Pro Mode ranging from 392-644℉.
    • The Pro Mode provides customization options and is accessible via the AUXO App.

Charging and Battery Information

    • The Cenote is compatible with both Type-C and Qi-certified wireless charging methods.
    • A full charge, achieved in approximately 1.5 hours, provides users with around 12 sessions.
    • The device’s base light serves as a battery level indicator.

Maintenance Recommendations

    • Ceramic Nail: For optimal performance, clean the ceramic nail with a dry cotton swab followed by 90% isopropyl alcohol.
    • Glass Recycler: Detach and soak in isopropyl alcohol, then rinse and dry thoroughly.
    • Safety Precautions: Always ensure the device is turned off and cooled down before cleaning. The base should never be submerged in any liquid.

AUXO App Integration

    • Availability: The AUXO App is available for download on both Google Play and the iOS App Store.
    • Features: The app allows users to control the Pro Mode, adjust temperature settings, session durations, lighting effects, brightness, and vibration intensity.
    • Device Pairing: The device pairs via Bluetooth, with successful pairing indicated by a blue LED light.

Troubleshooting Tips:

    • Charging Concerns: If charging issues arise, we recommend trying alternative adapters, outlets, or cables.
    • Operational Issues: Should the device malfunction, ensure it’s charged, consider replacing the ceramic nail, clean the electrodes, or perform a device restart.
    • Automatic Shutdown: The Cenote is designed to turn off after 10 minutes of inactivity or if an overheating condition is detected for safety.

Warranty Information:

    • AUXO provides a 10-year limited warranty on the Cenote, excluding the glass recycler. Further details on warranty coverage are available upon request or within the provided warranty card.