Cipher Nautilus Churchwarden Stem Kit


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In the Box

  • 1 – Churchwarden 10.4mm adapter
  • 1 – Churchwarden black stem – long (195mm / 7.68″)
  • 1 – Churchwarden black stem – short (75mm / 2.95″)
  • 5 – Replacement O-rings

Nautilus Churchwarden Stem Kit

Embark on a unique vaping adventure with the Nautilus Churchwarden Stem Kit from Cipher. This kit is not just an accessory; it’s a transformation of your vaping experience into a realm of sophistication and relaxation. The Churchwarden Stem Kit, compatible with the Nautilus Sherlock dry herb vaporizer, brings a touch of historical elegance to modern vaping.

Historical Elegance Meets Modern Vaping

The Churchwarden Stem Kit pays homage to the traditional English Churchwarden pipes, known for their long stems and association with leisure and contemplation. This kit brings that same aura of tranquility to your vaping sessions, combining the old-world charm with contemporary vaping technology.

Enhanced Cooling for a Smoother Experience

Featuring two stems – one short and one long – the kit allows you to customize your vaping experience. The longer stem cools down the vapor more effectively, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable puff every time.

Quality and Craftsmanship

Each component in the Nautilus Churchwarden Stem Kit is crafted with precision and care. The stems are designed to fit seamlessly with your Nautilus vaporizer, reflecting Carry Cipher’s commitment to quality and user satisfaction.

Easy to Use and Maintain

The kit is incredibly user-friendly, with an adapter that supports any Churchwarden stem with a 10.4mm diameter connector. The stems can be used with or without a pod inserted in the Nautilus chamber, offering flexibility and ease of maintenance.

Package Contents and Warranty

The kit includes a 10.4mm adapter, a long black stem, a short black stem, and replacement O-rings. While Cipher does not warranty the Churchwarden stem kit due to the absence of working parts, they ensure the quality of each kit upon delivery.