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Dr. Dabber Boost EVO


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The Boost EVO is the latest portable Concentrate Rig released by Dr Dabber. It evolves into a smarter and more convenient portable eRig while using the latest technology to achieve maximum performance. It features a fast heat time, a long battery life, and a built-in temp sensor for consistent vapor production.

Design & Features

The Boost EVO stands at 7″ tall and comprises three components- the base, the water bubbler, and the atomizer. It’s a simple and straightforward device that features the following:

  • Base: The Boost EVO has a curvy and stable body with ergonomic pads to maintain a comfortable and firm grip while using the device. It has a single button that’s responsible for changing the temp setting and heating the device. Under the power button, there’s a LED light that indicates battery life.
  • Water Bubbler: This serves as the water filtration system to produce cleaner and purer vapor. It’s made of highly durable borosilicate glass and features an angled mouthpiece, making it easy to inhale the vapor.
  • Atomizer: The Boost EVO features a quartz bowl with both the properties of ceramic and quartz atomizer, which has a balance of flavor and vapor production. It’s completely sealed so that no oil or vapor may leak into the base and damage the electrical circuits. The bowl has a built-in temp sensor that helped with maintaining the precise temperature at all times. The quartz bowl also has a fast heat time of around 11-15 seconds to reach the desired temperature setting.
  • Quick Connect Adapter: The Boost EVO’s components are magnetically-connected, so it’s easy to assemble/disassemble the device. The Quick Connect Adapter is responsible for connecting the base and the water bubbler for easy loading. It features an airflow button to control the draw resistance of the device while inhaling. The adapter also allows the vapor to be isolated from any electronics that might affect the vapor’s purity.
  • Long Battery Life: The Boost EVO lasts up to 60+ heating cycles. It uses a USB-C that can fully charge the device within one and a half hours. It also supports pass-through charging, so you can use it while it’s juicing up.
  • Auto Shutoff Feature: The Boost EVO will shutdown after 15 minutes of being idle, which helps preserve battery life.
  • Temperature Settings: The Boost EVO has six preset temperatures that range from 550-750°F.
  • RGB Light Modes: The Boost EVO features five RGB light modes plus Stealth mode for discrete vaping. So if you’re feeling a little trippy, you can change the lighting profile by just tapping the power button twice.


  • Latest 2020 Version
  • Six Temperature Settings – 500-750°F
  • 11 Seconds Heat Up Time
  • 60-70 Uses On A Single Charge

In The Box

  • Dr. Dabber Boost EVO
  • Quartz Atomizer
  • Glass Attachment
  • USB-C Charger
  • Quick Connect Adapter
  • Loading Tool
  • Carrying Case


  • Warranty 1 Year
  • Compatible with Concentrates
  • 510 thread No
  • Precise temp control Yes
  • Temp range 550–750°F
  • Heat up time 10 Seconds
  • Body material Plastic
  • Mouthpiece material Glass
  • Smartphone app No
  • Vibration notifications Yes
  • Adjustable airflow No
  • Charge time 2-3 Hours
  • Charger type Micro-USB
  • Sessions per charge 6-9


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