DynaVap HyperDyn Vaporizer

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  • Massive rips & heavy hits
  • Large chamber volume (0.25g)
  • Durable titanium build
  • DynaVap’s DuraDyn technology
  • Modular with DynaVap parts
  • Adjustable airflow control
  • Ergonomic design
  • Battery-free operation

In the Box

  • DynaVap’s Hyper Cap: Precision machined for optimal temperature control.
  • Titanium Tip: Hyper: Enhanced chamber for larger capacity.
  • Titanium CCD (Screen): Ensures clean and smooth vapor.
  • High Temp O-Rings (2): Maintain airtight seal and durability.
  • Titanium Condenser Assembly with Mouthpiece: Hyper: Allows for adjustable airflow.
  • Titanium Stem: HyperDyn: Ergonomic and durable design.
  • DynaVap Dosing Capsule - Hyper: Holds 0.125g, fits seamlessly into the Hyper Tip chamber.
  • SlimStash XL: African Mahogany: Elegant and practical storage solution.


The HyperDyn is DynaVap’s latest innovation in the world of vaporizers, offering a new experience with its “Big Bowl” design. Constructed with medical-grade titanium and enhanced by DynaVap’s DuraDyn technology, this vaporizer promises durability and exceptional performance. Compatible with various DynaVap midsections, tips, and mouthpieces, the HyperDyn also features 10mm and 14mm tapers for water piece use. Ideal for connoisseurs seeking a session-style vaping experience, the HyperDyn elevates thermal extraction to new heights.


  • Massive Rips: The larger chamber volume allows for significant rips, maximizing thermal extractions.
  • Extended Sessions: The bigger bowl capacity extends time between reloads, ensuring prolonged sessions.
  • Durability: Constructed from hardened titanium, the HyperDyn is built to last a lifetime.
  • Clean Look: The DuraDyn technology provides a scratch-resistant and polished appearance.
  • Bong Compatibility: Integrated 10mm and 14mm tapers for optimal fitment with water pieces.
  • Modular Design: Compatible with all previous DynaVap midsections, tips, and mouthpieces, although the Hyper Cap fits only the Hyper Tip.
  • Ergonomic Design: The stem design makes air port usage simple and intuitive.
  • Adjustable Airflow: Seven unique airflow settings tailored to user preference.
  • Temperature Control: The Hyper Cap clicks at optimal vaporization temperature, ensuring a controlled session.

Adjustable Airflow Control:

The HyperDyn features an adjustable airflow system with seven distinct settings. This customization allows users to tailor their draw to their exact preference, enhancing the overall vaping experience.

Benefits of Titanium Build:

The medical-grade titanium construction of the HyperDyn ensures not only durability but also a lightweight and robust vaping device. Titanium’s high resistance to corrosion and wear makes it the ideal material for prolonged and reliable use.


  • Q: How do I use the HyperDyn?
    A: Remove the Cap, load your dry herb into the Tip chamber, replace the Cap, heat it with a torch or induction heater until it clicks, and inhale from the mouthpiece. The Cap will click again when cooled.
  • Q: Is the HyperDyn compatible with other DynaVap parts?
    A: Yes, it is modular and compatible with all previous DynaVap midsections, tips, and mouthpieces. However, the Hyper Cap only fits the Hyper Tip.
  • Q: Does the HyperDyn require batteries?
    A: No, the HyperDyn is battery-free and only requires a heat source like a torch lighter or induction heater.

Discover the advanced features and exceptional quality of the HyperDyn, DynaVap’s latest marvel in vaporizer technology. Embrace a smoke-free, flavorful vaping experience with a device built to last. Join the DynaVerse today!


Vaporizer NameDynaVap HyperDyn
Release Date07/11/2024
Compatible WithArray
Body MaterialStainless steel
Mouthpiece MaterialStainless Steel
Glass CompatibleYes
Heating MethodManual
Heat Up Time15 Seconds
Precise Temp ControlNo
Oven Capacity0.25
Battery CapacityBattery-free
Adjustable AirflowNo