Honeystick Digital 510 Battery (400mAh and Precise Voltage Control)



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Honeystick Digital 510 Thread Battery

The Honeystick Digital 510 Thread Battery offers precision and versatility for an optimal vaping experience. Designed with quality and functionality in mind, this battery is the perfect companion for your vaping needs. Crafted with precision, this battery features 510 thread compatibility, allowing seamless pairing with a wide range of cartridges. Let’s explore its features in detail.

Digital 510 Thread Battery Operating Elements

The Honeystick Digital 510 Thread Battery offers user-friendly operation:

  • Turn On/Off: Press the rubber button 5 times consecutively.
  • Charging: Plug any USB-C charging cable into the port located at the bottom of the battery. The LED smart screen displays the charging progress.
  • Vaping: Screw any 510 thread vape cartridge at the top of the battery, then press and hold the button during inhalation.
  • Variable Voltage/Intensity Settings: Adjust voltage with three rapid button presses. Click once to increase voltage by 0.1V increments.
  • Pre-Heat Function: Activate by pressing the button twice rapidly. Pre-heat countdown displays on the smart screen.

Enhance your vaping experience with the HONEYSTICK Digital 510 Thread Battery. With its precision engineering and user-friendly features, it’s the ideal choice for discerning vapers.


  • Precise digital voltage adjustment
  • High capacity 400mAh battery
  • Preheat function
  • USB-C rapid charging

In The Box

  • Honeystick Digital 510 Pen Battery


  • Warranty 90 Days
  • Compatible with 510 Carts
  • 510 thread Yes
  • Precise temp control Yes
  • Temp range 2.0 - 4.0v
  • Display type LED
  • Smartphone app No
  • Vibration notifications No
  • Battery type Vape Pen
  • Battery capacity 400mAh


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