Kind Covert Fully Concealed 510 Battery



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The Kind Covert vaporizer is a stealthy, innovative, and versatile device designed for the modern vaper. With its unique design that hides the cartridge within the battery, it offers a discreet and convenient vaping experience. Equipped with a preheat function and four voltage settings, it ensures optimal vaporization of thicker oils. Its universal compatibility allows it to handle 0.5, 1, and 2 milliliter cartridges, making it a one-device solution for all your vaping needs.

How to Use

Using it is simple and straightforward:

  1. Cartridge Installation: Insert your chosen 510 cartridge into the device. It can handle 0.5, 1, and 2 milliliter cartridges.
  2. Activation: The device offers dual activation modes. You can either draw from the device for a smooth, button-free session or use the button for a more tactile experience.
  3. Voltage Settings: The device has four voltage settings – 2.4v, 2.8v, 3.2v, and 3.6v. Choose the appropriate setting based on the thickness of your oil.
  4. Preheat Function: For thicker oils, use the preheat function set at 1.8v to prepare your oil for vaping.
  5. Charging: When the battery runs low, use the included USB-C cable to charge the device.


It is packed with features that enhance your vaping experience:

  • Stealthy Design: The device ‘hides’ the cartridge within the battery, offering a discreet vaping experience.
  • Universal Compatibility: The device is compatible with all 510 cartridges and can handle 0.5, 1, and 2 milliliter cartridges.
  • Dual Activation Modes: You can choose between draw activation for a button-free session or button activation for a more tactile experience.
  • Preheat Function and Voltage Settings: The device is equipped with a preheat function at 1.8v and four voltage settings (2.4v, 2.8v, 3.2v, and 3.6v) that ensure optimal vaporization of thicker oils.
  • Long-lasting Battery: The device comes with a 650mAh battery capacity, allowing for long, uninterrupted vape sessions.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced vaper, the Covert offers a superior vaping experience with its blend of discretion, versatility, and efficiency.


  • Stealthy Design
  • Universal Compatibility
  • Dual Activation Modes
  • Preheat Function and Voltage Settings
  • Long-lasting Battery


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